Feb 1 2006
06:35 pm
By: Oren Incandenza  shortURL

Today is National Signing Day, when high school senior football players sign NCAA forms called "letters of intent" to attend the college of their choice.  This culminates for some a years-long recruiting process that is alarming in its breadth, depth, and expense.

I deliberately don't follow recruiting closely, for two reasons.  First, I will cheer for the Vols regardless of who wears the uniforms.  Second, the whole scene is kind of skeevy.  I mean, really, stalking high schoolers to see where they're going to college?  (Sample recruiting blog entry: "Jimbo was seen wearing a Florida hat at the mall last night!  Do we still have a shot at signing him?")

But if you want to educate yourself about this process and how the Vols did -- conventional wisdom says not so well -- here are three suggested links:

Tennessee's official site, with profiles of the new players:


ESPN's recruiting blog, with "expert" analyses of how major programs fared:


Hilarious recruiting and general college football commentary by a couple of Florida fans:



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Haha. That EDSBS website has

Haha. That EDSBS website has some of the finest satirical (they are being satirical, right?) writing and photoshopping/photogoogling on the internets.

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Here's the link to Rival's site.

# 1 in your heart, #23 in the nation.

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Something I noticed

I was digging a little deeper on the Rivals site and found the following:

Rank of recruiting classes for Tennessee:

2002 - #2 (Boy, that one panned out, didn't it?)

2003 - #18

2004 - #11

2005 - #4 (You should be very scared come 2009)

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