Nov 27 2020
09:29 am
By: Mark Harmon

A reminder that today is the annual Buy Nothing Day, a protest against excess consumerism/materialism.

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Not to mention.....

A pretty reason to stay out of the covid war zone.

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I was just watching the news

I was just watching the news and they were mentioning a "stay safe, shop local" program. It'd be nice to start a thread of local small businesses who also cater to online shopping. I like the idea of keeping our Christmas buying local when possible.

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Shopping local

Stopped by Elders Rocky Hill to look for Christmas lights and something to put on the end of an extendo pole so I could put them in some trees, and some light bulbs. They were out of lights, but Julie the clerk, the queen of cool, turned me on to these Alexa light bulbs that you made turn different colors by telling Alexa to turn it from white to red to blue to whatever. She also helped me find a little paint roller handle that I can use to help string the lights in a tree. Everyone was masked and making an effort to do their own small part to help stop the spread. I felt pretty good about getting out of the house and making the effort to help out a local business.

Plus, I'm thinking about getting an electric bike, so I had to make the trip to Sutherland/Homberg to check out a couple bike stores so I was going to be by Elders Bearden so maybe they would have lights. I stopped by and they did! Score! Four boxes for almost the same price as Amazon (34.99 a box) and I figured I'd do business with them. Well they were having a big social to do with some clerks and a customer who, unmasked, crowded me in line before deciding to look at the marks an step back to the marked spacing. I stepped back about ten feet out of the line, gave my spot to the bio-terrorist, circled back around, put the lights back and left through the door farthest I could find from that cashier.

I'll trade with Amazon until our local merchants can come together on some kind of policy. I now know better than to trade with the Bearden Elders Hardware. You can't stay safe shopping local in Knoxville. It's getting to the point where it's not worth the effort.

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A little surprised about

A little surprised about Elders hardware. Would have thought they would all be the same.

We drove to Northshore to get liquor. The Blount County liquor store employees don't seem to know about the pandemic.

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I was surprised too. Especially considering the obvious reunion. You would have figured one of the three clerks would have said something. I'm all about shopping local, even paying a bit of a premium to shop in safe places, but I'm about over just going out and wasting my time. That was 215 dollars I tried to spend locally, but ended up giving to Amazon. I'm running out of sympathy for local businesses. They clearly don't want law abiding citizens business. I'm over being treated like the criminal. Maybe what needs to happen is for these places to go bankrupt so businesses that will be in tune to taking care of customers can rise in their place.

After this weekends super spreader event, there's a pretty good chance a shutdown is inevetible anyway. Free market darwinism and retail collapse won't be far behind.

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"I'm all about shopping

"I'm all about shopping local, even paying a bit of a premium to shop in safe places, but I'm about over just going out and wasting my time."


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El Paso mayor: “We did a deep

El Paso mayor:

“We did a deep dive in our contact tracing for the week of November the 10th through the 16th and found that 55% of the positives were coming from shopping at large retailers, what we’d term as the big box stores,” Margo said. “And those are considered essential under CISA guidelines under homeland security. And we don’t really have- I don’t have any control over any limitations there.”

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"I'll trade with Amazon until

"I'll trade with Amazon until our local merchants can come together on some kind of policy."

People just don't seem to get it! I drove by some of the parks Friday and they were packed and I only noticed one couple on bicycles wearing masks.

The pilgrims landed at Plymouth Rock 400 years to the month of this year's Thanksgiving. They moved into a village that was already established by native people but all the inhabitants had died from a plague probably brought over by earlier European settlers. It's sadly ironic that this Thanksgiving might be the spreader event that may cause us to face possibly the same fate.

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