Mar 27 2023
02:13 pm

Three children and three staff members were gunned down at a private Christian school in Tennessee on Monday before the shooter was killed by police, authorities said.

She had two assault style rifles and a hand gun. Waahoo! We need to own assault style rifles WHY? To protect ourselves from school kids and teachers?

Just under a year ago......
Tennessee gov: No restricting firearms after mass shootings

Whatta ya gonna do? For some reason gun nuts rule.

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Emotions, tempers flare at Tennessee Capitol hours after Nashvil

Emotions, tempers flare at Tennessee Capitol hours after Nashville school shooting


Republican leadership in both chambers decided to press pause on legislative debate at the regularly scheduled floor sessions Monday after news of the shooting broke.

Democrats, some of whom spent the day with Covenant School parents waiting to be reunited with their children, decried ongoing legislative efforts to expand access to firearms and called for their colleagues to take action for meaningful gun reform.

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TN State Rep.: We've got a serious gun problem and we know it

TN State Rep.: We've got a serious gun problem and we know it


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U.S. Rep. Burchett (TN) "said

U.S. Rep. Burchett (TN) "said there’s no way to “fix” gun violence, after a shooter killed three children and three adults at an elementary school in his home state on Monday.

“It’s a horrible, horrible situation,” Burchett told reporters. “And we’re not gonna fix it. Criminals are gonna be criminals.”
"When asked about how to protect children, like his own daughter, while in school, Burchett said he has opted to homeschool his daughter."

How many parents can afford to keep their children at home and homeschool them? I would guess not a majority. Must be nice (or not) for him to have enough money to homeschool.

These kinds of mass shootings rarely happen in countries with reasonable gun laws. Does he not have a brain?

MSNBC's Nicole Wallace said "we choose to live like this by sending people like that [Burchett] to Congress."

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Thank you Nicole Wallace

However, "we" don't choose to live like this. I believe the majority are mostly sane. But the idiots do keep electing idiots.

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Burchett email

We need to flood his email. Here is the message I sent him today. Can't wait to see how he responds, but I already know. So sad.

I just really can't believe you said this, "It’s a horrible, horrible situation, and we’re not going to fix it," and “I don’t see any real role that [Congress] can do other than mess things up,". If you are not even willing to try to fix it, then why in the hell are you in Congress. That is a disgrace to all. I call on you to resign or step up and do something. Am I pissed, you bet I am. This has been going on way to long to just do NOTHING! Step up and show us how to lead or get out.

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Burchett is unfit to serve.

Burchett is unfit to serve.

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