Jul 7 2006
03:53 pm

Another endorsement for Andy Jackson from attorney and Knoxville City Councilman Rob Frost:

On Wednesday, July 12th from 7 to 8:30 pm, Erin, the boys and I are hosting a casual campaign reception at our home (1022 Luttrell Street) for Andy Jackson who is running for General Sessions Court Judge.

I've known Andy for almost 15 years now and find him to be well suited to serve as a General Sessions Judge.

Feel free to drop in and meet Andy. No donations are required; just come out and talk and enjoy some refreshments.


Rob Frost

PS: As a matter of clarification, Andy is NOT in the same race as 4th & Gill resident Ken Irvine. Ken is running for Criminal Court Judge, so folks can vote for both Ken and Andy.

PPS: For any history buffs out there, Andy is a direct descendant of President Andrew Jackson. Andy is Andrew Jackson VI.

This seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

Rachel's picture

Umm, I plan to vote for Andy

Umm, I plan to vote for Andy Jackson, but he's not really a direct descendent of the original.  Andrew Jackson didn't have children.  Andy is a direct descendent of Rachel Jackson, who had a child when she & Andrew married.

rikki's picture

'twas that rascal Sam

'twas that rascal Sam Houston!

Rachel's picture

Sam Houston was the answer

Sam Houston was the answer to final Jeopordy the other day - The only person who's served as governor of two states.


D Mac's picture

But he is a Republican!

How would the original feel that his decendent is a Republican?

rikki's picture

free tattoos!

How would Lincoln feel about George W. Bush being a Republican? How would Eisenhower feel about Donald Rumsfeld heading the military? Would Teddy Roosevelt waste two cents worth of lead on either of those snivelling fucks? Why are current-tense Americans cowards?

Partisanship is the only thing that keeps theives in power. Today's Democrat Party has less in common with Andrew Jackson than Star-bellied Sneetches have in common with Sneetches. Most of this country is too insipid to notice what rights they have and what rights they've sold to Dick Cheney for a dime on the dollar. Look at the Ann Coulter thread: more activity in a day than we've seen in who knows how long.

The original Andrew Jackson is dead. He thinks nothing. You who measure everything by membership in either of the two easiest clubs to join are the problem. Go fuck your cousins like men of that era were prone to do and see if the rapture comes. Leave the thinking to crows.

By the way, Ann Coulter is not a spokesman for the Republican party; he's a spokesman for the corporatist media that wants you fixated on whether there is a star on your belly. There is. They burned it in real slow. Do you see it?

S Carpenter's picture

I love a Friday night


I <3 a Friday night Rikki rant.

Anonymous, consider asking the host if you're invited. He's a pretty nice guy and easy to talk to.

R. Neal's picture

Yes, they are always better

Yes, they are always better after midnight. Especially when there's a full moon.

rikki's picture

Don't encourage him.

Don't encourage him.

Anonymous's picture

AJVI Reception

Is this an open invitation to all voters?

R. Neal's picture

I believe so. He e-mailed

I believe so. He e-mailed me and said I could post it, he sent it out on a mailing list, and it is mentioned in today's newspaper. Sounds like a pretty open invitation.

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