May 18 2007
07:15 am

State Sen. Jimmy Kyle (D-Memphis) got an amendment to the "guns in parks and public places" bill to also allow guns in the State Capitol building, including the House and Senate chambers and the Legislative Plaza, where guns are currently prohibited.

Sounds reasonable to me. After all, CCW promoters keep telling us they are the safest, most law-abiding people in the whole state of Tennessee. If families in state parks would be safer with CCW guns around, so would our elected officials, right? What's the big deal?

Apparently it's a big deal to the bill's sponsor, Sen. Tim Burchett (R-Knoxville). He withdrew his bill rather than allow it to pass with the amendment.

Money quote:

"I do not fear the permit holder. I trust that permit holder enough to have them up in that gallery," Kyle told colleagues, referring to a balcony area that overlooks the Senate floor.

"If we're going to be telling families visiting state parks that it's OK to carry a gun around them, it should be OK to carry a gun around us," said Kyle. "We set one standard for citizens, another for us. I'm tired of that."

Heh. Indeed.

Terry Troll's picture

I must say, that as

I must say, that as ludicrous as the bright red Texas Congress is, they do allow CCW weapons in the Gallery. They also allow them to be carried by members on the floor. They make what they say equal what they this case.

gattsuru's picture

Good to actually see

Good to actually see Democratics that can hold their bladder when the proletariat get a chance to be armed. Pity a friggen Republican couldn't deal with it.

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be." - Douglas Adams

Knox Insider 007's picture

State Sen Jimmy Kyle (D-Wartburg) ???????

State Senator Kyle is from Memphis. The State Senator from Wartburg is State Senator Tommy Kilby.

Both are Democrats but are about as far apart from where they live as they are on most issues.

Kilby is a Conservative Democrat and Kyle, well the rest is a liberal mess.

R. Neal's picture

Fixed. (I originally had it

Fixed. (I originally had it as Kilby making the amendment and fixed his name but not the rest of it.)

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