Beginning today, Dec. 2, 2020, "access from both Barber Hill Road and Montlake Court to Alcoa Highway will be closed permanently."

TDOT has descriptions of how to get on Alcoa Highway using alternate routes, listed under Construction Updates, December 1, 2020. There is also a video.

For example,
"Montlake Drive traffic to Alcoa Highway northbound: Will travel east around the round-a-bout at Montlake Court, cross the bridge, turn left onto Collector 3, turn left onto Woodson
Drive and then turn right onto Alcoa Highway northbound.

Montlake Drive traffic to Alcoa Highway southbound: Will travel south at the round-a-bout at Montlake Court, follow along Collector 6 (at the base of the large wall) and the turn right
onto Alcoa Highway southbound at the stop sign. "

This is assuming the driver will be able to identify Montlake Court, Collector 3, Collector 6, etc.

Getting on Alcoa Highway northbound at Woodson Drive is no fun. I think I'd go on down to Maloney Road, go over the bridge then get on Alcoa Highway northbound. Either way, since the last time I drove in that area it is obvious they need better merge lanes.

Joe328's picture

The roundabouts are

The roundabouts are undersized, should be two lanes. TDOT knew this during late planning. When construction is completed traffic will determine how wise their decision was.

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In the meantime, another

In the meantime, another accident on Henley Bridge this morning, in that ill-fated left-turn lane. Another botched design ..

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Wouldn't more roundabout

Wouldn't more roundabout lanes require more land area and be more confusing for people to learn? Are there any two lane roundabouts in the area? I'm trying to think whether the ones in Town Center (near I-140 and Northshore) are.

So far, there's almost no traffic on these new bridges, though I don't know what commuter traffic in a year or two will look like.

I do have some issues, such as not having wider pedestrian/bike lanes instead of little sidewalks, and the landscaping as an afterthought that TDOT seems reluctant to put much resources into. I still can't believe all this was built and have some mixed feelings. Individual car traffic needs to be pushed into the dustbin of history.

But all this will vastly help the Lakemoor Hills residents and is a welcome change from the onerous detours that have been the norm for several years now. So I think most residents in the area are happy with the results.

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TDOT is working off 20 year

TDOT is working off 20 year old designs. Also, they are clueless and beholden to the roadbuilder/asphalt lobby.

The roundabouts are actually nice though.

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Correction, It's the Maloney

Correction, It's the Maloney Rd round-abouts that are undersized and should have been two lanes. Sorry.

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