Jul 17 2006
09:54 am

The Orlando Sentinel reports your CT scans may be read and diagnosed from overseas.  

Radiological images are sent from Parrish via the Internet to Sydney, Australia, where a radiologist -- U.S. board-certified, Florida-licensed and officially on staff at Parrish -- reads the scan and sends back a preliminary diagnosis.

The Idaho-based, publicly traded company has more than 50 radiologists on staff, Jon Berger said. The doctors are split fairly evenly between Sydney, which covers hospitals in the East and Midwest, and Zurich, Switzerland, which covers hospitals in the mountain and Pacific states.

The recruiting pitch is a strong one: the chance to live and work in a beautiful, exotic city overseas in a collegial setting with cutting-edge equipment. And, perhaps best of all, no graveyard shifts.

He argued that the NightHawk model is helping rather than hindering the problem of too few radiologists in the United States, even if his company is hiring them and sending them overseas.

Interesting concept. I'm not sure I am against what they are doing technologically. My main concern is keeping skilled people and jobs in the U.S.

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Cool. Maybe Frist can apply

Cool. Maybe Frist can apply once he leaves the Senate. He's a real whiz at long-distance diagnostics.

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What really cheeses me off

What really cheeses me off is the U.S. gov't has NO problem letting doctors who AREN'T EVEN IN THE COUNTRY make diagnoses by long distance, but they absolutely can't let people buy prescription drugs from Canada for less money.

But what am I saying really? I should EXPECT this type of hypocritical and moronic thinking from a Republican-controlled government.

Protect the major pharmaceutical corporations from a cut in profits by keeping folks locked into buying drugs at the corporation-set rate for the U.S., but never mind protecting the PATIENTS from a mis-diagnosis from a doctor that may not have even been trained in a U.S. approved medical school.

"You can't fix stupid..." Ron White

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