May 2 2017
08:34 pm

No new taxes, new funding for schools, recreation, community services, public safety and infrastructure.

"The approximately $798 million budget proposal represents a $26.8 million increase – approximately 3.48 percent – over the current FY2017 budget. The budget plan provides $471.1 million for Knox County Schools, which is an increase of approximately $17.6 million over the current year."

The budget includes funding to improve athletic facilities at South-Doyle, including a new BMX bike trail.

Mayor Burchett noted the lack of "fireworks" in the budget, so he brought some.

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While Mayor Burchett said his budget does not have a lot of flairs...

Is WATE now sharing copy editors with the KNS?

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Good grief. And the very next sentence after that reads:

The budget includes over $26 in new revenue...

How's that for a "fiscal conservative?!"

(The story has been up for over 24 hours, so it seems like they've had enough time to make a few corrections?)

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Apparently I should have read the entire article and made just one post...

...and fully funds Knox County School’s budget

Move that apostrophe. Knox County has more than one school.

...support an increase to teacher’s pay...

And again here. We have more than one teacher, too.

...includes over $471 million Knox County Schools...

Insert the word "to."

Knox County Parks and Recreations will hold a public meeting...

And drop the "s" on "recreations."

...if we build this facility it won’t just be for large sanction events...

Just confused here, as I don't understand the difference between a "large sanction" and, I guess, a "small sanction" event?

The budget also includes a two percent pay increase for county employees as well as $84 for public safety funding...

"Fiscal conservatism" galore!

...right now is especially exciting time to call this area our home.

That's "an" exciting time...

...our community is filled with honest, hard-working people, committed to conservative principals.

And that's "principles."

Possibly I missed a couple...

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We now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

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Funding a BMX Park

Funding a BMX Park while not entering into a trip-county partnership to keep the bridge over Ft. Loudon Dam for pedestrian and non-motorized vehicle use and connecting a trip-county greenway system that currently runs from Knox country all the way to Townsend in Blount County hardly counts as fiscal conservatism.

Looks pretty flashy to me when you compare it to sidewalks and streetlight upgrades. I must admit, I prefer Mayor Rogero's boring infrastructure improvements that will likely raise property values citywide to a BMX Park.

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