Oct 28 2020
04:01 pm

Via TPM, Vanderbilt has studied hospitalization numbers and other COVID trends in Tennessee. The study is here (note: PDF). However the nut graf is below:

Hospitals that predominantly serve patients from areas without masking requirements (the <25% group) continue to see the highest rate of growth in hospitalizations. As the percentage of patients residing in mask-requirement counties increases, the growth curve “flattens,” indicating much lower growth in hospitalizations.

The graph is pretty striking. Here's a direct link since it seems pretty large to try to include:

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That data makes me want to

That data makes me want to scream. This is a story that needs to be told loudly in every newspaper, on every news show, on all social media. Why do so many want to hurt those of us that care about our society, our families and friends, our neighbors, our elderly ?

I want to shout at these people that aren't caring about anyone but themselves.

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It's even easy to understand

I was expecting a lot of difficult to comprehend jargon, but actually it's pretty easy to understand. I swear reading at a fifth grade level should be base requirement of all public officials.

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People like Mayor Jacobs have

People like Mayor Jacobs have absolutely utopian policies to admire in the Midwest states and especially in the Dakotas. How are they doing?

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