Jul 1 2020
07:57 pm

Passed by the Board of Health. Masks are now mandatory inside in all public building. There was only one dissenting vote. Bet you can guess who that was.

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I've been refraining from

I've been refraining from saying this on Facebook because I try to make sure my Coronovirus are as non political as they can be but I can't help it anymore.

Was it the guy that wrestled while wearing a mask?

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Have you seen the movie

Have you seen the movie Idiocracy? A wrestler is president!

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Oh I don't care that he was a

Oh I don't care that he was a professional wrestler. I mean it bothers me that I think the biggest reason who won was because....OH MY GOSH WE CAN HAS MAYOR KANE!!! But as far as a potential leader I was more concerned with his lack of experience and libertarian leanings.

It's just, I mean, I mean really honest to God, the dude wore a mask while part of the WWE. That was his main claim to fame. And now that's it's a health concern he don't wear one?

Is this irony or surrealism?

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Also required: signs on all

Also required: signs on all public buildings informing folks of mandate. THAT may do more good than anything.

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The heart of the issue.

We will see how many sign on rather shortly. I would think effective back tracing would locate hot spots in short order. Advise businesses to consider that in day to day operations.

Just get people to recognize the basics and do their best to practice them. I keep reading these dissertations about the filtering capabilities down to 2.8679 microns in order to be effective. I don't think wads, nor subwads of phlegm are measured in microns. That's most of transmission. Just tell everyone to do their best and that will help. What Knoxville needs is a missing demographic to jump on board.

If everybody wears a mask, we can stabilize the outbreak and figure out a containment strategy.

I don't know if we're in time to keep it away from the football team, but if we are, look for a decided advantage in Tennessee's chances. We need to understand what's on the table three months down the road, not just today, in order to deal with COVID-19.

You hit the heart of the issue

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So, the only one we elected

So, the only one we elected voted No.

Enjoy the blowback.

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Yeah, the rest of them only

Yeah, the rest of them only had to consider public health, not politics.

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And just to be clear, "indoor

And just to be clear, "indoor public place" is any place the public is invited, not just government buildings. So basically everywhere. Good for KCHD.

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Nice Independence Day gift

Nice Independence Day gift too.


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I'm grateful wearing masks in

I'm grateful wearing masks in public buildings was mandated. Too bad I live and shop in Blount County. However, I do very little shopping and attempt to do it during the earliest hour possible.

I just hope the mandate is not overturned. I really do not understand why people are not willing to protect others. So selfish. The more recent American Way?

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