Feb 27 2007
06:28 pm

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Award-winning columnist Don Williams' column "The Last Word"* appears weekly at KnoxViews for a special limited engagement.

Don's columns and other writings can also be found at OpEd News, where lots of writers converge, MooseMeals.com, where you may hear podcasts, and at New Millennium Writings. For inquiries about purchasing or syndicating Don's columns for your your newspaper, magazine, blog or website, please contact Don at donwilliams7@charter.net.

About Don Williams:

Don Williams is a prize-winning columnist, blogger, short story writer, and the founding editor and publisher of New Millennium Writings, an annual anthology of literary writings. His awards include a National Endowment for the Humanities Michigan Journalism Fellowship, a Golden Presscard Award, the Malcolm Law Journalism Prize (Tennessee's Top Associated Press Managing Editors Award), Six Writer of the Month Awards in the Scripps Howard Chain and twice Runner-up for Writer of the Year. He is finishing a novel, "Red State Blues," set in his native Tennessee and Iraq. He is also the author of "Heroes, Sheroes and Zeroes, the Best Writings About People by Don Williams" (New Millennium Writings, 2005, sold out) and "100 Columns Strong, the Best Commentary by Don Williams," due out this fall and available now for pre-ordering at a discount. For more information, email him at donwilliams7@charter.net. Or visit the NMW website at www.NewMillenniumWritings.com.

(*If you're curious about the origin of the "Last Word" column name click here.)

mareliseangelo's picture

All I can say is If this was

All I can say is If this was going on during Clinton's time in office people would want to hang him.But I have all ways said what he did was between he and his wife not the people
of the US.But that doesn not compare with the men and women
being killed or hurt for what.All I can think of is the oil.

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