Jul 14 2006
10:26 am

LaFollette mayor Cliff Jennings was in a Campbell County courtroom this morning and on the advice of attorneys pleaded "nolo contendere" to charges stemming from a gambling raid on a building owned by Jennings.

The raid back in November netted cash and poker machines. Several people were arrested along with Jennings.

Jennings is saying this morning he wanted to go to trial and fight the chrages and if he had done so then all the other defendants in the case would also have to go to trial since they were all charged together. He's declining to go that route and says he instead will pay a fine on a misdemeanor charge and continue with his bid for re-election as mayor of LaFollette.

(Sidenote: WATE-TV's Don Dare showed up at the radio station this morning just minutes before Jennings was to go on the air with his weekly call-in program on WQLA-FM. Jennings declined to meet or speak with the TV station.)


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