Aug 2 2019
01:45 pm
By: Sandra Clark

Early voting starts next week. Who will make the run-off for mayor?
Michael Andrews
Fletcher Burkhardt
Indya Kincannon
Eddie Mannis
Calvin Skinner or
Marshall Stair

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In today's KNS

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Stair Kincannon Mannis Not


Not sure about the others.

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Umm, no. Only two can make

Umm, no. Only two can make the runoff.

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Eddie Mannis will be one

According to the totally not-in-the-tank-for-Eddie Mannis KnoxTN Today.

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Not in the tank

I think Kincannon will make the run-off for sure and the other spot is between Mannis and Stair. That will depend on turnout and advertising for the balance of the campaign. Living outside the city, I don't get mailers. We'll see what the TV looks like.

If I were picking it tonight, I'd go Kincannon, Stair, Mannis, Skinner, Burkhardt and Andrews.

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Well let's see

Aren't you the same Sandra Clark who wrote this? "Mannis has been the perceived front runner from the start"-the comments in this thread show that to be a laughable assessment. Even your own.

"'Indya’s (Kincannon) got the Democrats and Eddie’s (Mannis) got the Republicans and a few Democrats. Marshall (Stair) is getting squeezed in the middle. He won’t make the runoff.'” That’s a rough quote from a semi-knowledgeable political junkie. - Again, laughable. This race can't be called right now.

Where’s Eddie? We found him on Thursday - this story is basically one big love letter to Eddie. I may have missed it but I haven't seen any fawning pieces like this on Stair or Kincannon.

Alex_Falk's picture

yup, the same

the same sandra clark that responded to a david hayes press release by telling him to get a haircut.

go figure

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Based on

Based on qualifications...


but it will probably be...


Alex_Falk's picture

not looking forward

as a gay man, not looking forward at all to a gay republican mayor who shares mutual aid and support with xenophobes, homophobes, and transphobes (JJ jones, tom spangler, and tim burchett) and will run city government with developers first in mind.

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What are the political

What are the stated political affiliations of the candidates? I remember years ago the candidates were asked this question in a public forum, and all responded.

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Kincannon and Stair both

Kincannon and Stair both identify as Democrats, Mannis as a Republican. Mannis is getting a lot of Republican support by default, as the only high-profile Republican in the race, but he's never been a particularly partisan person. He was Mayor Rogero's treasurer for both her campaigns, and you can find plenty of Democrats on his donor list too.

If you're trying to locate them on the current political spectrum, I'd say it goes from centrist Republican (Mannis) to centrist Democrat (Stair) to progressive Democrat (Kincannon). But the differences are not huge, ideologically.

EDIT: By "both her campaigns," I mean 2011 and 2015.

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I do wish we wouldn't talk

I do wish we wouldn't talk about parties for a non-partisan election. There was a time when I didn't even know which party many Council members belonged to, and I liked it that way. Unless you're way, way, way out on the fringe, partisan identification doesn't have much to do with running a City.

But there are differences in how these three would govern and where they'd place their emphasis. I'd say Stair and Kincannon are more alike than either is like Mannis. If only one of them makes the runoff, I expect he or she will pick up most of the other's supporters.

For a probably meaningless example, my neighborhood, which tends progressive, seems to be split between Kincannon and Stair(haven't seen any Mannis signs around here).

As to who makes the runoff, a couple of months ago I was pretty sure I knew. Now, like Jesse, I just don't. Mannis and Stair clearly have the money but Kincannon has a lot of grassroots support.

EDIT: On my way to the grocery this afternoon I saw one Mannis sign down the street.

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Mannis self identifies as a Republican

He gave $4700 to Burchett, who supports Trump 100%. That makes Mannis a Trump supporter. I think that's important for people to know. He also has many contributions to other Republicans in the past, including Bush/Cheney 2004. Bush/Cheney 2000, ok, but 2004, no.

michael kaplan's picture

As we have seen, the mayor’s

As we have seen, the mayor’s office, both locally and nationally, can be a springboard to higher office, so I think it’s important to know the political affiliation of the candidate even though this is a ‘non-partisan’ race. When we vote someone into local office, we could be launching a long-term political career.

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members of the professional-managerial class might have you believe that “partisan politics don’t have alot to do with running a city”

in the absolutely atomized task-driven sense, this may often be true but we should pay serious attention to the political positioning of anyone asking to be placed in a position of power.

no one who is comfortable appearing simutaneously with jones, spangler and burchett deserves access to political power in a time in which federal and LOCAL government is participating in the demonization, terrorization, incarceration (in concentration camps) and expulsion of a racial-minority underclass

mudcop1's picture

Mannis supports Burchett, who supports Trump 100%

I'd hardly call that centrist

j.f.m.'s picture

Well, I'm basing my

Well, I'm basing my evaluation on the totality of his political activities and the campaign platform he's laid out. It's just a rough estimate, but obviously others can make whatever judgments they want.

mudcop1's picture

I judge him by the company he keeps

Burchett, JJ (Stack 'em like cordwood) Jones, Ivan (Black Wednesday) Harmon

mudcop1's picture


Mannis supports Burchett, who said he'd have voted against the Equality Act twice if he could have. I wonder how Eddie felt when he heard that from his "friend" Tim? I've confronted Eddie about his support for Trump, which he denies, but it's just math. If A=B and B=C, then A=C.

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Even though I support

Even though I support non-partisan elections for county commission, city council, school board, County Clerk, Sheriff, County Judges, and etc. I do think it is important to know the political philosophy of mayoral candidates. I was impressed when I read about the business success Mannis has achieved. But the fact remains that he is a Trump supporter. That means he is either ignorant or a racist or both. That should be a disqualification for any reasonable and decent voter. It would be crazy for a gay person to vote for Mannis knowing this fact. Republicans are solidly behind Mannis. The votes of Democratic voters will be split between the other candidates and that will give Mannis the edge this month. The second place finisher, Stair or Kincannon will have a second chance this fall. Last time I looked Stair had raised the most money with well over $200K. Money is not everything, but it sure helps.

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But the fact remains that he

But the fact remains that he is a Trump supporter.

Has anyone actually asked Mannis about this? I read Cameron Brooks' interview with him, but I don't recall this subject being discussed.

Mike Daugherty's picture

If Mannis does not support

If Mannis does not support Trump, I owe him an apology for saying that he has supported Trump. That would be a terrible mistake on my part to say that Mannis supported a corrupt, evil, and racist man like Trump if he did not. I certainly regret my comment if, in fact he does not support Trump. My impression came from several Republican supporters of Mannis, including a former Knox County office holder campaigning for Mannis. They said Mannis was a staunch Trump supporter.

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I cannot vote in the election

I cannot vote in the election but several family members and friends that live in the city have asked me if I knew anything about the candidates. My response was that I did know their party affiliations but I did not know much about their qualifications. I also told them that I had read Cameron's interview and was impressed with Mannis's personal story as a successful businessman but I did not know enough about him to recommend. Since then, Republicans that I have talked with have assured me that he is a Trump supporter. I hope he is not but he does need to answer this question because it would tell voters much about his character. If Mannis cannot be reached for comment, maybe Cameron can clarify this since they communicate.

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brooks is a mannis supporter

brooks is a mannis supporter so i doubt he'd ask the question for his writing. there's no political advantage in *openly* coming out as a trump supporter running for mayor so you'd won't hear a peep, i'm sure. his campaign is certainly trying to farm votes from cis white gays, though.

i've not heard anything about eddie's personal opinion on trump or trump admin policies, eddie does openly campaign with KSO and Burchett who are part of both xenophobic fearmongering and the corollary policy execution so that tells me all I need to know, explicit trump support or no.

many republicans "secretly" dislike trump, that they keep any opinion unspoken is again all i need to know.

michael kaplan's picture

I did read somewhere that

I did read somewhere that Mannis did not vote for Trump, but that doesn't mean much.

R. Neal's picture

Maybe the comment right above

Maybe the comment right above yours?

Mike Daugherty's picture

Voting against a candidate

Voting against a candidate because of the color of their skin, or their religion, or their sexual orientation is wrong. Supporting and voting for a candidate because they are white, or black, or brown, or gay is also wrong. Not supporting a candidate because he had the poor judgement of supporting a racist, corrupt, and evil President makes a lot more sense. It does not matter if that person did not support Trump in the primary or voted for a libertarian in the election. what matters is if he supports him now. Trump's actions and words are causing death and suffering .Voters deserve to know if mayoral candidates support that kind of evil behavior.

R. Neal's picture

Yeah, I get that. Was just

Yeah, I get that. Was just passing along what I've seen. You could probably call or email his campaign and get his more recent views.

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Yes, it was Betty Bean's

Yes, it was Betty Bean's article that jbr has linked to below.

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jbr's picture

Mannis .....

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Tailgunner Joe would be proud

Tailgunner Joe would be proud to know ya.

Mike Daugherty's picture

All I need to know!

Good for you. Secretly disliking Trump and not standing against his immoral actions is cowardly. A Republican or Democrat or Independent elected to serve the public or a candidate for office that does not have the courage to speak out against Trump does not deserve the trust and support of anybody, period! From what I have been reading today Mannis appears to have many qualifications that would help him be a good mayor. If I lived in the city there is a good chance I would vote for him if he was not a Trump supporter and he had the guts to stand up for what is right and condemn the President. This is a scary time in America. We need leaders that put right above politics.

j.f.m.'s picture

As for who the top two will

As for who the top two will be, it will be two of those three, but anyone who says they know which two is blowing smoke. You could guess any two of the three and turn out to be right, and it would still just be a lucky guess. There are a lot of unknowns, with turnout being the biggest factor for all of them.

j.f.m.'s picture

And I keep saying this, but

And I keep saying this, but this is the first time this primary has been held in August, which is one more unknown on top of all the others. That may affect turnout and how much attention people are paying, or it may not. On Aug. 28 it will all be perfectly clear in hindsight...

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Mannis signs are prominent in

Mannis signs are prominent in Sequoyah Hills.

Alex_Falk's picture

a peek at Mannis disclosures

a peek at Mannis disclosures -- republicans, developers, good ol boys, $$$

j.f.m.'s picture

That's not my impression, and

That's not my impression, and I'm over there all the time. I think the top three are all well represented by Sequoyah Hills signs. (Of course, as I noted in an article a few weeks ago, Sequoyah Hills itself has tipped toward Democrats in recent years. Renee Hoyos beat Tim Burchett there pretty handily.)

R. Neal's picture

I guess "prominent" is the

I guess "prominent" is the wrong word. I meant it in the sense that there are more than I expected.

j.f.m.'s picture

I guess "prominent" is the

I guess "prominent" is the wrong word. I meant it in the sense that there are more than I expected.

Ah. I honestly haven't known what to expect through this campaign. It's interesting.

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But they now have drive by shootings in Sequoyah Hills so we see where that kind of neighborhood leadership has taken them.

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Sequoyah Hills

I drive around Sequoyah Hills every single day. I’ve counted signs in several different sections while driving by. My conclusion is:
Stair (by a lot)

I’m not going to make any predictions regarding the primary results, but Sequoyah Hills has evolved into a solidly Democratic precinct over the years. Linda Haney lost to Glenn Jacobs by 4 votes. Every other Democratic candidate won. Sequoyah Hills also has the highest voter turnout of any precinct in the city.

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“I think they tie all

“I think they tie all Republicans to Trump,” Mannis said.

Did he vote for Trump?

“Absolutely not.”

Mannis said he voted for John Kasich in the primary and independent Gary Johnson in the general election.


Rachel's picture

Good to know. Still, he's

Good to know. Still, he's been touting endorsements from people like JJ and Burchett. Not all sure that helps in a City election. IIRC, Renee Hoyos carried the city when she ran against Burchett.

R. Neal's picture

Look, I'm not defending or

Look, I'm not defending or supporting Mannis. Just passing along info in response to questions that were raised.

Alex_Falk's picture

someone who voted for johnson

someone who voted for johnson is comfortable with ideologies that could be even more damaging to the city — libertarianism infecting all decisions on top of eddie’s apparent comfort with xenophobia.

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