Jul 11 2006
07:44 pm

From the Tennessee Democratic Party's Tuesday Message...


Anyone that has kept up with the Tennessee blogosphere since 2002 has come across the work of East Tennessee's Randy Neal, whose latest online venture is the community blog KnoxViews.

Neal began his blogging career in May 2002 with the popular South Knox Bubba, which he ran until August 2005. During that time, he also began the Rocky Top Brigade, "a loosely organized association of Tennessee bloggers." After a brief hiatus from blogging, Neal launched KnoxViews in January "as a place for alternative citizen journalism, commentary on the news and events that affect the community, and a forum to promote progressive ideas and discussions."

Outside the blogosphere, Neal is a small business owner and software entrepreneur. He has been married to his wife, Michele, for 34 years. "I am a progressive Democrat because I believe in liberty and justice for all," he said. "To me, that means civil liberties, social and economic justice, equal opportunity, environmental justice, and a just foreign policy that protects our liberties and sets an example for the rest of the world."

For the progressive view from East Tennessee, check out KnoxViews.

According to Mark Brown, Communication Director for the Tennessee Democratic Party, the Tuesday Message goes out to an audience of 55,000. You can sign up to receive the Tuesday Message here.

gttim's picture


Randy Neal used to be South Knox Bubba? Who knew?



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