Jul 6 2010
12:15 pm

As the Democratic primary for Tennessee Governor is already set with Mike McWherter being the only candidate, we turn our attention to the Republican primary.

Ron Ramsey might be an appealing candidate for Democrats to run against, but as liberal, left-wing Democrats we cannot in good conscience recommend him. He would reduce the size of State Government, cut taxes, eliminate social welfare programs, and work aggressively with Tennessee's Congressional delegation to fight federal involvement in such matters as health care, energy, and the environment. In short, he would be a disaster for the Obama-Pelosi agenda and everything liberals stand for.

Zach Wamp seems like a nice enough fellow, although a little intense at times. But he's been in Washington too long and gotten too much support for Tennessee jobs in the automotive and defense industries, which aren't in line with our liberal, left-wing ideology. Not only that, he has voted to restrict abortions, voted against cap and trade, and voted against the stimulus bill. Wamp is clearly out of step with the progressive liberal agenda.

That leaves us with Bill Haslam. Even though he's running as a Republican, is he really? The only elections he's won were non-partisan, so who knows? But actions speak louder than words. Or party labels.

Haslam has brought millions of federal dollars to Knoxville to improve neighborhoods and appointed a known Democrat to oversee it. He has gotten millions more in federal funding for homeless housing and secured large development fees for non-profit builders to build it. He has gotten more federal funding plus committed millions more in future local property tax revenues to revitalize Knoxville's blighted downtown and help out struggling real estate developers.

Although he recently joined the NRA, Haslam at one time supported more restrictions on gun ownership and only reluctantly allowed guns in parks and playgrounds out of concern that the laws banning them were too confusing. And he's not afraid to raise taxes when it has to be done.

As best we can tell, the only reason he's running as a Republican is because that's what candidates in East Tennessee do to get elected. With recent endorsements by various Tea Party groups and all his anti-federal, states-rights posturing, Haslam is simply running hard to the right in the primary and will govern to the left if he gets elected. Democrats could do a lot worse. (See above.)

While we'll be voting for Mike McWherter and encourage all other Democrats and Independents to do so as well, we endorse Bill Haslam in the Republican primary because he stands alone among the GOP candidates as best representing the liberal Obama-Pelosi left-wing progressive Democratic agenda.

Reminder: Early voting starts a week from this Friday, and today is the last day to register!

LeftWingCracker's picture

Heh, well played, sir, well

Heh, well played, sir, well played. And, I agree with you!

Lenaer Nichols's picture

Ron Ramsey"s Status

I agree with you on Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey's status he is the only one who will be a thorn in Obama's side ,including Reed and Polisi . He will be the best governor choice for Tennessee . He believes in the amendments of our country. He has worked hard for this state. He will support Arizona's new immigration law and help us pass one for our state similar to theirs.
The reason I know he will do this is there is going to be a hole lot of people making sure that he does.
Gone are the days that we elect someone to do a job and don't keep tract of their actions.
Unless of course you like the changie thing this government has brought to this country . If you do then keep burying your head . when you come up for air I hope there's still some left. blue

rocketsquirrel's picture

Ah the classic "you don't

Ah the classic "you don't sweat much for a fat girl..." compliment. (apologies to George Lindsay/Goober Pyle.)

I predict this endorsement will become a classic. Well done, Randy.

GoldnI's picture

Should we tell the people

Should we tell the people commenting on this over at Post Politics that it's...

...nah. Never mind. It's too much fun to watch.

smalc's picture

It wouldn't make a

It wouldn't make a difference. See Knoxblab.

GoldnI's picture

Someone else mentioned at

Someone else mentioned at Post Politics that it's a joke, and they still don't get it. And now we have Ron Ramsey's statement. This is classic.

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R. Neal's picture

You started a trend: BatBoy

You started a trend:

BatBoy Endorses Haslam

And it's not the first time BatBoy helped Haslam get elected:

Rachel's picture

Guns are still not allowed in

Guns are still not allowed in City parks.

Haslam tried to split that baby by saying that under the current City ordinance (passed before the new state law), guns were banned in parks but there was no fine (or a very small fine, I forget which). Opting out of the new state law would result in stiffer penalities for violaters.

So he took the position that the current City law was better than opting out under the new law. But the bottom line is that guns still are not allowed in City parks.

Rachel's picture

Oh, and boy is the Blab

Oh, and boy is the Blab having fun with this....

Russ's picture

the liberal Obama-Pelosi

the liberal Obama-Pelosi left-wing progressive Democratic agenda

Randy, you forgot "socialist." :)

R. Neal's picture

Newsroom: Lieutenant Governor


Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey

Ramsey Slams Haslam, New Ad, Lack of Substance Tuesday, July 06, 2010

NASHVILLE, TN - Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey, the conservative candidate for Governor of Tennessee, today issued the following statement in reaction to Mayor Bill Haslam's newest television advertisement:

"Let's really examine Bill Haslam for a minute. He counts liberals such as environmental crusader Al Gore and Tennessee Congressman Jim Cooper as supporters. He has actively and financially supported both of them. He's helped lead one of the country's most radical gun control groups - Bloomberg's Mayors Against Guns - until 2008 when it became politically expedient to withdraw from said group. Regardless of his millions of dollars spent on ads that say nothing, Tennesseans are smart enough to see through his fluffy commercials and realize he's not the 'real deal' at all.

"If that's not enough, they can always refer to the Liberal Knox Views' endorsement of Mayor Haslam, which came out today. When liberal rags are publicly choosing Mayor Haslam as their best hope for August 5th, alarm bells should be ringing for our state’s conservative voters,” said Ramsey. In part, the Knox Views opinion piece states "Haslam is simply running hard to the right in the primary and will govern to the left if he gets elected.”

You may read the full liberal endorsement of Mayor Bill Haslam HERE.

Russ's picture

Today is turning into one of

Today is turning into one of the funniest days in Tennessee politics since Kent Williams hornswoggled Jason Mumpower.

Rachel's picture

Ha ha. Another

Ha ha. Another humor-impaired Republican.

rocketsquirrel's picture

Haslam will work hard to get

Haslam will work hard to get these humor-impaired republicans benefits under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

R. Neal's picture

UPDATE: Haslam

UPDATE: Haslam responds...

Humphrey on the Hill:

The Haslam comeback in an email from campaign spokesman David Smith: "Of course Senator Ramsey doesn't like our ad because it points out that Mayor Haslam is the only candidate with executive experience. If that wasn't embarrassing enough for the state senator, giving credence to an obscure liberal blog that is clearly making fun of Republicans represents a new low."

rocketsquirrel's picture

obscure? them's fighting


them's fighting words.

redmondkr's picture

Who would have thought

that Sarah Palin would chose an obscure liberal blog and a pseudonym to endorse Ron Ramsey?

Rachel's picture

Now THAT's funny.

Now THAT's funny.

Bbeanster's picture

That makes a hole lot of

That makes a hole lot of sense. I'll keep tract of u.

redmondkr's picture


It took a while to digest that post since Palinese is not my native language.

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