Oct 26 2021
04:47 pm

The Knox County Board of Education wants an appellate court to toss a federal judge's order requiring them to impose a mask mandate.

While, from Dr. Sandy Leake, chief nursing officer at UT Medical Center, "I don't think any of us could have really ever imagined living through this experience," she said. "And then living through it once and then having yet another surge that was even worse than the first."
"In Tennessee, this second surge was tough. The patients were getting younger and were largely unvaccinated.

"Some of those infections and many of those deaths could have been preventable with vaccination," she said. "We're going to do everything we can possibly do to keep taking care of the patients that we are here to serve."

More people need to speak up to save this county, save this state, save this country from those who don't care about science, those who don't care about societal norms, those who for whatever known reason no longer believe in democracy.

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My daughter has several

My daughter has several children in school. Before the mask mandate she was getting texts everyday of some child in their classroom having to be quarantined because of covid. Since the mandate it has been cut drastically.

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Apparently the parents and

Apparently the parents and students have no real problems with the mask mandate. It's the conservative, right wing politicians wanting to make us sick and fight against good health policies and fight against good societal growth.

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Referring to Jbr's post.

Referring to Jbr's post. Apparently Blackburn and the other nutcase Republicans are trying to turn parents against the Democrats by dragging them into this when it's actually not the case at all. I know first hand that parents, although not pleased with the situation, understand that it is a necessity.

I had to attend a family event and very very few were wearing masks. There was one person there that I would've thought wouldn't wear a mask but there she was, wearing one. She's a teacher. So she's seemingly all to aware of the seriousness of the situation in schools.

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You don't think Blackburn and

You don't think Blackburn and the other nutcase Republicans are trying to turn parents against the Democrats?

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I guess my statement did

I guess my statement did sound a little redundant but if they were actually using true facts against the democrats instead of false facts made up in their heads, they might have grounds to complain.

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Just sent another email to

Just sent another email to Knox School Board asking the why they are fighting it. Pointed out it is working now with mask mandate. I have grandkids now in school and am worried everyday because they could bring it home to us. We see them often.

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Must not be enough elderly or

Must not be enough elderly or people with medical conditions dying from covid to please them. Republicans have been trying to find a way to get people off Social Security, and this drops in their laps? Seems suspicious to me.

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I'm not saying the virus

I'm not saying the virus seems suspicious but the handling of it by Republicans does.

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Well, geez, the elderly have

Well, geez, the elderly have done enough. Time for them to move on. /sarcasm l

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I agree! What good are they

I agree! What good are they to society? /moresarcasm/ We do now live in a... if it's old just throw it away... society.

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Moms who voted for Biden explain why they voted for a Republican

White suburban moms from Virginia about what made them vote for a Republican in the recent governor's race, despite voting for Biden for president in 2020.


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