Dec 17 2007
05:02 pm

George Korda is puzzled why people aren't ranting and raving about the ongoing controversies in Knox County government.

My first thought was that nobody listens to his show. But he had a Titan's game lead-in, and trivia contests and national politics apparently lit up the phone lines.

I've noticed it here, too. Some of the "take back the government" yahoos have moved the, uh, conversation over to the KNS article comments (thankfully), but in general there seems to be scandal fatigue. Or maybe people are just busy getting ready for the holidays.

What do you think? Are people burnt out and just sick of hearing about it? Will people really show up at the polls to "throw the bums out," starting with the February primaries? Will anybody still care unless there's some new, manufactured drama?

Should the media be providing better coverage of more mundane yet substantive topics such as zoning requests and development proposals and stormwater ordinances, and less coverage of the latest Lumpy brain fart and God resolutions and other carnival freak show acts?

Once people get the "good government" and "open government" they said they so passionately wanted, will they actually call their commissioners or show up for any meetings or care about the outcomes, or will they go back to trusting the "adults in charge" and resume talking about Robin Wilhoit's outfits?

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Umm, maybe people just don't

Umm, maybe people just don't listen to George Korda?

"The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones." - John Maynard Keynes

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I did not know he had a

I did not know he had a show.

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Just now...Ten most

Just now...

Ten most commented stories from

• Man shoots and kills fleeing burglar

• Updated with E-911 audio: Break-in motive unclear

• Burglar killed fleeing Powell home

• Moore will skip TIF vote

• Knoxville police say six of 13 businesses sold to underage buyers in alcohol sting

• Moore won't vote on $6M plan due to parents' property

• They came, they sawed, they carved; team works in wood

• New law, unintended result: taking legal immigrants off the road

• Family injured in collapse of stairs at rental cabin sues

• McLean's court date changed

Looks like there are a lot of junior detectives who like to play CSI Knoxville. They probably fantasize about shooting the "perps", too, judging from the comments on the "man shoots fleeing burglar" article. Headshot!

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KNS comments

I was appalled by the comments on the legal immigrant story regarding drivers licenses. Those commenting are so bigoted regarding any immigrants that they did not even read the story. It is just sad to see so many uniformed and ill-willed folks living here.

Justin's picture

Dont even try reading the

Dont even try reading the Topix forums/comments...At least Knoxnews makes them register. WBIR is a free for all full of idiocy.

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I couldn't believe his statement either

Maybe it's just the Fourth District, but I'd say 90% to 95% of
the people I talk to are really ticked off, with the remainder
slightly ticked off or they just moved to Knox County.

I'm out there with shoe leather, so I think my read is a little
more accurate. Again, maybe it's just the Fourth because of our

Fighting for Reform and Representation, Fourth District
Steve Drevik, Commission Seat 4-B

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From my perspective there

From my perspective there are many people I know that are tuned in and ticked off about CC, MPC, etc. that never seemed to pay any attention to it in the past.

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Margaret Klein, a lawyer and

Margaret Klein, a lawyer and the widow of the finest historian who ever lived in Knoxville (Dr. Milton Klein), just delivered a brilliant speech -- exhorted them to obey the Golden Rule and support the constitution.

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yes she did

and got her extra minute, too! You go Ms Klein!

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You'll have to fill me in tomorrow. I had to leave at 11:40 to prevent my car being towed at midnight. They were still on the "God resolution" when I left.

BTW, Dwight stepped all over Rebecca's (upcoming) story tonight.

Larry Van Guilder

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It's sour grapes on George's part

He all but BEGGED for a job with the Ragsdale administration (job Mike Cohen was ultimately hired for). He's still pouting.

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Yes...I am fatigued...

My health is not great, the holidays are upon us, my house was sold and I had to move which I was not prepared to do right at this particular time, and my cat died...I'm just plain exhausted.

I also was hoping that maybe, just maybe the supposed grown-ups in local, state, national, and international politics could, for once, start acting like grown-ups and not selfish five-year-olds. And I am sick to death of grown men and women playing the "Look at me, I'm a good boy/girl! I love Jesus more than you!" game.

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

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