Jul 13 2006
12:00 pm
By: Oren Incandenza  shortURL

This week's edition of the Brian Conley Quasi-News Organ includes a specious endorsement of Mike Moyers for Chancellor penned by Joe Sullivan, who donated $500 to Moyers's campaign according to the italicized disclaimer at the piece's end.

That's hilarious enough -- and while I'm no election lawyer, you have to wonder whether Moyers's campaign should disclose the advertisement it effectively got as another contribution. But it gets better. [Follow the jump.]

Sullivan's argument boils down to (a) Andrews once had his law license suspended two months for a paperwork error, (b) Andrews had the nerve to respectfully criticize Moyers for his inaction in the charter mess, and (c) Andrews's phone directory listings are out of date.  Now that is some dynamite stuff, Joe.  You think anybody will have a hard time calling the Chancellor's chambers when Andrews occupies them?

Fact: Moyers's fingerprints are on the current chaos regardless of whether he and Sullivan want to admit it.  Moyers could have pushed to resolve the charter's validity and term limits issues sooner.  He utterly failed to do so, opting instead to sit in his office and issue thumb-sucking memos.  That makes Moyers radioactive in my view.

I debated internally whether to give this trash any more attention than it would get on its own.  But you really should read it for yourself.  To the extent the BCQNO had any remaining credibility before today -- and that's an open question -- it's gone now.


R. Neal's picture

Yeah, and look at their

Yeah, and look at their other endorsements. Corker, now THERE'S a big surprise. And they claim Jimmy Duncan is running without opposition. I'm guessing McGill would take exception with that. Shoddy.

Anonymous's picture

Joe is still alive?

Joe is still alive?

bill young's picture

andrew's got a web site? you say it's got a phone number?

type in Jim Andrews for on the campaign web site...there is a phone number listed...go to the Knox County Election Commission web candidates...scroll to Chancellor III...Jim Andrews...there is a phone number listed..

R. Neal's picture

Well I'll be damned. The

Well I'll be damned. The link is right over there on the right side of this page, too, under 'Candidates'. Just now I clicked the link, clicked 'contact', called the number listed, and got a message saying Jim Andrews is on the phone and got transferred to his voice mail. Some hardhitting tag-team investigative citizen journalism there, Bill!

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