Jul 6 2011
09:52 pm

It happened over-night; the message sent to everyone in my name was one of those 'send money immediately' scams. According to me (user name misspelled), I am 'stranded in London'...I only WISH! Anyway I have changed all my passwords and have notified everyone who got one of my desparate notes.

And after my incident of Identity Theft in 2003, that was a walk in the park. This has been a worse nightmare though; AND apparently one cannot talk to a real person at Yahoo. However, for a fee, in advance (!) a tech-y person will consider my question and respond online after you pay up! ($38 to $48 up front!) Customer service at its finest!

But since I am also without a fuel pump for my car at present, I choose NOT to send off my credit card number over the net, on the assumption that said tech-y MIGHT be able to help me. Any suggestions? A USED fuel pump costs $100 and the only one in East TN is in White Pine!

What a day...but I can laugh now.

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"I have changed all my

"I have changed all my passwords and have notified everyone who got one of my desparate notes."
Not everyone.

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Consider yourself lucky

This same situation happened to a facebook friend who had both their facebook and email hacked into. Not only were emails sent out but the hackers sat on FB and chatted to her friends as they came online and asked for money with the almost exact same scenario described in your emails. The hackers also changed her passwords and she could not log in to her account at all. The case went on for several days with several of her friends notifying facebook before FB shut down her account. I don't know if she ever got control of her email or just opened a new account.

If you were able to log in (hopefully under secure connection) and have access to your own accounts and change your passwords, yourself, then consider yourself lucky they only sent out email! This scam has been widely documented with suggestions on what to do.

Just think, your friends should have your phone number or other means of contacting you and would check on you through those means and people who are strictly email contacts would or should have enough common sense to know this is a scam and would not start giving out their bank account information.

So, truly, this is not identity theft actually involving the stealing of your personal information and account information but more of an inconvenience and you were even able to change your password!

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