Jul 21 2006
07:42 pm

Just a quickie update for the weekend...

From a high of 99 today in the 3 o'clock hour (CDT), the temperature is now down to 77 in the 6 o'clock hour and falling.

Some high winds are coming with this change, but for those of you out east, you might have a cooler weekend to look forward to.

Enjoy. It's a sorely needed break from all this darned heat.

Les Jones's picture

There are storm warnings all

There are storm warnings all around Knox County. Here in Louisville, TN,  we've got some high wind, but so far I'm counting 20 seconds or more between lightning and thunder. Knock on wood.

Hey, Les, why don't we just call each other assholes and get it over with. - Somebody on the old (if that was you, claim your quote and win net.fame!)

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