Mar 3 2006
04:16 pm
By: Rich Hailey

My friends at Star 102.1 are holding a radiothon to benefit East Tennessee Children's Hospital. It runs for another 2 hours or so, until 6PM tonight. I just gave a 12 by 12, which is $12 a month for a year, and I'm challenging all the members of the RTB to donate whatever you can.

The number to call is 656 KIDS (5437). Call now and give what you can.

ETCH does great work. I've been lucky enough that none of my 6 kids have had to go there, but I went twice as I was growing up. First time was for a hernia repair, and the second time was for a brain malfunction. They fixed the hernia, but the brain is the same as it came from the manufacturer, so don't hold my strange behavior against them. (Besides, my Momma says I'm not strange, I'm unique. So there!)

Call and donate. Even if you're not from Tennessee, even if you don't agree with anything else I've ever written, this is a cause we all should be able to get behind

Thank you.

R. Neal's picture

Done. Good cause. Thanks for

Done. Good cause. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Michael Silence's picture

Just called one in

And posted over at my place. I have personal experience over there and the people are great, caring and attentive. Thanks for getting the word out.

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