Jun 28 2011
10:17 am

And you don't want to miss this huge NON PARTISAN (GOP) managed Candidate forum, this Thursday at the Clinton Highway Expo Center! Just think. You will be able to hear from NON PARTISAN (GOP only) pundits, NON PARTISAN Radio and TV commentators and just soak up all that NON PARTISAN (GOP) good will.

If you have not heard from some of these (NON-Partisan GOP) candidates, I have overheard a few NON PARTISAN (GOP)positions I would like to share...in case you can't make it.

Re the destruction of a chance for those who have qualified for a secure place to live in the TYP plan : "WELL, ALL THOSE DRUNKS AND ADDICTS WILL HAVE TO GET CLEAN BEFORE I WILL SUPPORT THIS". So ignorant.

Re the Hillside plan: "WE DO NOT WANT THIS PLAN RAMMED DOWN OUR THROATS", not mentioning the 3-year Commission that worked studied this issue and came up with a fair plan for all.

Re "people who live in the projects"...."AFTER ALL, JESUS SAID WE WILL ALWAYS HAVE THE POOR WITH US" as an excuse for not helping anyone in need.

You all will just love it. Sorry I can't make it. I have to watch paint dry that evening.

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"All in all, it was one of the better events!"

UPDATE on the Concerned Citizens Debate!
Submitted by marytheprez (not verified) on Sat, 2010/05/01 - 11:11am.

I was very surprised how well this debate went. And I do not remember seeing or hearing from those bloggers who were not there last night. I may be wrong, BUT...
This formate gave all the candidates a fair and equal way to get their points across, talk about their goals and new directions for this city and county...there was no back biting, no insults, no rumors, no mud slung, NADA.
I was disappointed that a few of our Dems and/or leaning Dems could not make it. I asked a question to all the school board candidates (all leaning GOP as far as I know) what they thought about Bill Haslam's GOP plans about education revealed in the paper on Thursday. Of course I didn't specify the objectionable parts, so they all claimed to be clueless. They had all better learn about that because if he wins, he will most certainly try to implement it!
The County Commission and County Mayor candidates spent much time on questions re the "PBA" which was very informative. And the 3 County Mayor candidates who participated seem to have become colleagues and seem to be willing to work together even after the election, no matter the winner...Cosby, Hutchinson and Ezra Maize.

All in all, it was one of the better events!

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Yes, last year was a good one BUT

as you can see, we did not hear from Burchett as he has a very important 'meeting' in lieu of going up against his opponents. And since this year the GOP is definitely running this show, and denying us 'Liberal Pundits' any equal access to comment about tonight's process, this one promises to be more of the positions already promoted on the media listed in the promotion pieces.
I do hope this time the moderators will give ALL the candidates ample time to address the vital issues.

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Strong candidate?

Strong candidates make for strong campaigns and equal media attention. Candidate development should be a centerpiece to avoid situations where a presumed winner refuses to show up to forums.

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Pretty sure most, if not all,

Pretty sure most, if not all, the candidates will be there, not just the partisan Republicans. Although I agree that the organizers seem to have a slant - but so do the organizers of most of these things.

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I don't care if its put on by Republicans or Democrats

The fact that people are working hard to put this together for the community is enough for me. They are going to ask everyone the same questions, so what does it matter?

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Are you sure all candidates will be asked the same questions??

Last year at several 'forums', candidates were asked totally different questions...the most glaring was when our African American candidates were asked different questions on several occasions...

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They are going to ask

They are going to ask everyone the same questions, so what does it matter?

It doesn't, as long as the questions are phrased neutrally. But it's pretty easy to construct questions that favor a particular candidate, if you are so inclined.

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financials and income tax returns

During the Rogero/Haslam election, Rogero said the candidates should show the voters their financials and income tax returns. We did not get to see anything much from Haslam. Now we find out about the Tennessean investigative report on Gov. Haslam's disclosures while he was mayor of Knoxville.

Will Rogero request a financial disclosure this time around? It would be bad to have a City Mayor that plays shell games with their IRS reporting.

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It would be bad to have a

It would be bad to have a City Mayor that plays shell games with their IRS reporting.

Yeah? People still seem to think Haslam was a good mayor.

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Didn't make the forum

Didn't make the forum tonight, but I hear the council candidates were asked 3 questions - TYP (expected), something about PBA, and metro govt.

Surely the 3 most pressing issues we have in Knoxville right now. I'm surprised somebody didn't throw in red light cameras.

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Ding! Ding! Ding!

Peabody has made red light cameras one of his platform issues! He wants to extend the yellow lights by a few more seconds.

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