Jul 20 2006
01:13 pm

Maryland's "Fair Share Health Care" act, which had required employers with over 10,000 employees to pay at least 8% of payroll to health benefits or make up the difference to a state Medicaid account, has been overturned by a federal district judge.  The RISA v. Fielder ruling said the bill (known popularly as "the Wal-Mart bill") conflicts with the Employment Retirement Income Security Act, aka ERISA.  I've written a post (RILA v. Fielder strikes down Fair Share Health Care) at my blog with details.

I think it's worth bringing up here because Tennessee Medicaid rolls are similarly flooded with Wal-Mart employees, and this ruling blocks one way of dealing with that, unless the ruling is overturned -- and stays overturned.  I think it's a shame, because realistically, national mechanisms for improving low income health care are unlikely any time soon.  And of course this should bother all the committed federalists among us.

Look forward to any comments!

gttim's picture

Damned activist judges! They

Damned activist judges! They are subverting the will of elected officials!

Thomas Nephew's picture

That's the spirit!

We should pass a law forbidding them from even hearing this kind of case.  Your turn.

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