Jan 4 2013
03:55 pm

Duncan could easily be replaced by this guy:


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Lamar! and Shorty Too

Alexander and Corker voted nay in the Senate as well.

I hope Tennesseans remember this day the next time disaster hits close to home.

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Senate vote

The Senators from TN probably voted no on the 112th Congress Sandy bill, the one with all the pork. The H.R 41 is a new bill in the 113th Congress in which all the "extras", like a new roof for the Smithsonian and Amtrack were removed. The Senate has not yet voted on the new bill for Hurricane Sandy, perhaps Sens. Alexander and Corker will do the right thing this time around.

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Uh, No

TN N Distress, all of these illustrious suckers of the government teat from TN voted NO on the $9.7B aid package, that's the "new" bill, a pittance and far below what is necessary to put that area "back together".

As many regulars readers know, I drove up to NY to bring supplies (including heat source) to my mom, who was without power for a week after the storm hit. There was a Noreaster moving in at about the same time. There have been two more Noreasters that have hit that area.

Many, many folks, particularly in Staten Island (where my half-brother still lives -- but I hadn't been in touch with him for a very long time), are still without power. And unlike the survivors of Katrina, that were living in unbearable heat, these people are without power (meaning HEAT) in 20 deg weather. It's freakin' January, and guess what? It's gets mighty cold up there this time of year.

It's unconscionable that ANY congresscritter would vote no on Aid for these people.

Simply unconscionable.

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The New Yorker sheds some

The New Yorker sheds some light on the dilemma that Duncan and his cronies are wrestling with regard to Sandy relief funding.

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The Obama Administration

The Obama Administration requests roughly $28 billion for future disaster-mitigation projects on the East Coast.

In other words, we need to deal with climate change. In both Katrina and Sandy, our governments lack of foresight is proving to be disastrous. New York was first called "New Amsterdam" for a reason. Yet while they have spent money on elaborate levies to protect thier cities, we've done little to nothing.

But, I guess first Republicans need to admit climate change is real.

Suppose they'd rather keep using taxpayer money (FEMA insurance) to keep building in places that keep getting wiped out. And if you've ever dealt with FEMA flood insurance, you know it goes up on everybody everywhere each time these disasters happen.

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These are the same guys who

These are the same guys who don't want a Noble prize-winning scientist who understands climate change on the TVA board.

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That guy in your picture is

That guy in your picture is way smarter than Duncan. :-)

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Letting the government that

Letting the government that is supposed to deal with flood control provide flood insurance, is like.., letting government provide health care.

But, only if doctors didn't believe in surgery and medicine and government officials thought the education it takes to get a Phd was bunk. 

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