DTV's Black History Month program airs tonight at 7:30 PM on the CTV Channel and features Robert Booker talking about Knoxville History from his book Up From the Bottom. The Beck Center's Rev Renee Kessler hosts tonight's program.

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There are two people I've

There are two people I've been intrigued by. One rose up out of slavery through the seedier side of life and the other had a more prominent life.
Cal Johnson and William Hastie.
Johnson owned a saloon in dowtown Knoxville and also a horse track just off of Magnolia which was also the site of the landing of the first airplane in Knoxville. The track is actually still there. I think I read he also briefly owned a horse track in South Knoxville. At one point he owned the fastest horse in America.

William Hastie was a lawyer and also the first black governor of the US Virgin Islands. I don't know where my brother heard this but he claims he lived in a two story house at the corner of Moody and Woodlawn in South Knoxville.



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