Jun 19 2006
06:16 am

Dr. Kenneth R. Newton passed away Saturday, June 17th at his home in Lakemoor Hills. He was 83. Dr. Newton was a professor of psychology at the University of Tennessee until his retirement in 1988, after which he continued his work in private practice. He leaves his wife Mary to whom he was married 61 years, six children (one deceased), seven grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren.

I was fortunate to be a part of his family for 37 years, the last 32 by way of marriage to his daughter, Michele.

In his personal and professional life, Dr. Newton pursued peace and understanding one person at a time.

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My sympathies

My thoughts are with your family today.

Sorry for your loss. Had to make for a very somber Father's Day for you all.

Sounds like he was quite a guy -- the kind I would have genuinely liked to have been around.


"The iPod was not developed by Baptists in Waco." -- G.K.

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Please extend my sympathies,

Please extend my sympathies, as well, to your wife and family. I am sorry for your loss. The excerpt of your father-in-law's comments on his observations of the political climate around him in the 1970s tells me we lost a valuable guide in navigating our present shoals.

Peace to you and yours.

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You and Michele have my

You and Michele have my sincere condolences.  Yes, it sounds like Dr. Newton was a great friend as well as accomplished man.  Must be nice to have a family patriarch with such a world view too.  A pride I envy.

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My condolences to your wife

My condolences to your wife and you.

I never knew this man, or his history and words, but it seems our community has lost a very, very wise man. Those two paragraphs are spot on.

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My condolences to you and Michele

Kenneth Newton was an outstanding professor. I was privileged to speak with him on a few occasions over the years and was quite impressed. He was a good man and a great teacher.
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Sorry about your loss

May your family find peace during this difficult time. 

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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You & Michele have my

You & Michele have my condolences and warm thoughts.  I'm sorry I never met your father-in-law; he sounds like a wonderful guy.

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My deepest sympathies, and

My deepest sympathies, and as Andy said, he sounds like a man who would have been a blessing to have known.

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What finer tribute could a

What finer tribute could a man have than to be liked, admired and respected by his son-in-law.  Our sympathies are with you and Mrs. Neal.

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Well said.

If I have a son-in-law who even contemplates writing something this moving, I'll consider it a job well done.  Deepest condolences to you.

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So sorry to read about this,

So sorry to read about this, Michele and Randy.
I remember him from back in the day, and he was a genuinely good man and a fine teacher. You were fortunate to have him in your lives -- and of course Michele is a wonderful reflection on him.

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My condolences on your loss.

My condolences on your loss.  


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You don't look old enough to have been

married for 32 years, Bub.

Still...what a shock. So sorry to hear it. Extra hugs for all involved.

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