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I agree. From a previous

I agree.

From a previous article by the same author, "Alternatives to Bradford Pear Trees."

  • If you want a tree that grows to the same height of Bradford pear, a trident maple would be the perfect choice.
  • Crape myrtles are a suitable substitute for pears... Natchez crape myrtle (white) is the tallest and fastest growing crape myrtle, and it will reach heights of 30 feet tall.
  • a tree for pure ornamental value, I suggest Peggy Clark apricot.

And more...

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And if you plant crape myrtles...

Please do not commit "crape murder." They don't need to be cut down every year!

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Exactly. I did not know this

Exactly. I did not know this until a neighbor originally from South Carolina mentioned it. He said it was not the standard to chop off the tops of crepe myrtles where he previously resided.

Crape myrtle? Crepe myrtle?

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