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No, not quite

The GOP and their VOTERS are a bunch of dumbass hillbillies, but not us! :)

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True, but we are powerless to

True, but we are powerless to stop them!

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We're powerless? Only 15% of

We're powerless? Only 15% of registered voters vote, you're telling me if all of the progressives, middle of the roaders, independents, liberals, etc. got off their lazy butts and voted we couldn't turn this around? We don't need a third party. We need to get pissed off enough to get involved.

Correction: We're not dumb hillbillies, we're lazy hillbillies

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I think schools, and the

I think schools, and the local media could have a significant impact on voter turnout and elections, but that do not seem to do much at all.

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Powerless now...

...how to turn the tide and get our house and senate back from the dumbass hillbillies??

It just totally boggles my mind that people vote for people who think this way... then there's the whole Stacey Campfield thing that's been boggling my mind for many years...

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The answer would be to create

The answer would be to create an opposing political party across the state that puts forward a full slate of smart, reasonable candidates for office. Those candidates must be able to agree on a smart, reasonable vision for governing the state, and to communicate that vision clearly and succinctly to voters. They must not be prone to infighting, and they must not seek to become a wacko left-wing mirror image of the wacko right-wing bunch that is in control right now.

Oh, and they need a lot of money, but also need to not be corruptible by having a lot of money.

Easy peasy.

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State voter turnout statistics

If I am reading this right on November 2010 we had ...

3.8 million registered voters


1.6 million voted

for ~41% of people registered to vote, voted.


What that seems is an opportunity for organizing a bit and winning.

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cf. Obama, 2008.

cf. Obama, 2008.

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P.S. You don't get those

P.S. You don't get those non-voters to become voters by offering extremist positions. You have to offer reasonable, centrist options.

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