Feb 2 2006
11:36 am

If you haven't had a chance to check it out, take a look at our story this week on the 1958 racist bombing of Clinton High School, which I consider the great untol story of the civil rights era. There's bonus video, too that's quite fascinating. I am really enjoying producing this series, but am particularly proud of this segment.



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Great segment for a great

Great segment for a great series so far. Nice work. Looking forward to next week's wrasslin' segment. Hope you found some Ron and Don Wright.

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That was very good. Below is

That was very good. Below is a link to what is happening today in Clinton to preserve that history and honor those who walked down the hill to school.


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This site sucks.

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Broken Link

That link to the segment gives me a 404 error, FYI.

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Link rot

Link rot can and did happen in the more-than-8 years since this thread started...

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