Nov 7 2017
11:29 pm

District 1: Stephanie Welch, 73.33%

District 2: Andrew Roberto, 59.10%

District 3: Seema Singh Perez, 57.73%

District 4: Lauren Rider, 49.39%

District 6: Gwen McKenzie, 57.96%

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Looks like

Looks like a good night for Rogero.

Rachel's picture

Good night for Knoxville.

Good night for Knoxville.

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I'm happy

I'm happy. Somewhat surprised by District 3 results, but happy. Everyone I voted for won.
Good night for Knoxville.

Interestingly, Christiansen put out a negative mailer about Roberto last week and included in his list of insults was "Democrat". That might work in the County, but for an increasing percentage of the City's residents that's an asset. Christiansen won in two precincts - Sequoyah Hills and Deane Hills. Sequoyah, where he lives, should have been his stronghold. The vote was 270 to 266.

A good night for Virginia, where a Democratic governor won and the first transgender candidate in the country was elected to the state legislature. A good night for New Jersey. And a good night for Knoxville.

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Good to see some good

Good to see some good candidates win. Four women, Great! I hope the trend continues and a bunch of women are recruited and win in next fall's elections across the state and country. Women do most of the work ,it is time they are more involved in the decisions.I was also surprised and pleased by the results in district 3. Back in the summer, two campaign volunteers came to my mom's house campaigning for Perez and others. Mom never misses voting for her favorite Dem, but because of cancer/chemo she was not up to talking to the volunteers.I had a very good talk with them. One of the volunteers was a former student at Bearden High. I was very proud of her for getting involved and being a good citizen. I remember thinking that Perez probably could not defeat someone with more money and resources. I am glad that their grassroots effort was successful. Way to go Perez and company!

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