Jul 9 2006
06:37 pm
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52.62% of the total population of Knoxville, TN is female, as of the 2000 census.  You wouldn't necessarily know that by the faces of the people currently in office, at the local and state levels.   But this year that may change.  Women of Knoxville, TN and particularly progressive women in Knoxville, TN, could very well start being represented by officials that share more than just their concerns, a woman's point of view. 

Which leads me to the Meet the Candidates at the TN Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and sponsored by The Women's Counsel, today.  What is so important about a "press-the-flesh" afternoon, you ask?  As put forth in the email forwarded and distributed by dfet (Democracy for East Tennessee), Knoxville has 11 women running for office, 7 of which are first-time runners.  Today's Meet the Candidate was specifically set up to meet the 7. 

Out of these 7 women, I had already met one, Shree Pettigrew, whom I have talked about before on this blog.  Also, out of these 7 women, I personally can vote for two.  Damn!  Why couldn't we find someone to run against Ivan "God Resolution" Harmon?

Nevertheless, I was able to catch up with Shree, as well as meet Ursula Bailey, who is running for General Sessions Judge, Division IV.  These are the two progressive women I will be able to vote for, as well as possibly deliver additional votes from my family household.  Good news for Shree, since I will have 5 eligible voters by election time.  unfortunately for Ursuala, she'll have to settle for three from this household.  Actually, when I met Ursula today, I took an instant like to her.  My initial impression is that she is an intelligent, caring woman.  I think she will do extremely well as a judge, not to mention she  is highly qualified.

Now, for the other women, which I strong encourage Knoxvillians to get to know, if they haven't already.
County Commission, District 2, Seat B - Amy Broyles
County Commission, District 4, Seat A - Joan Wagner
County Commission, District 4, Seat B - Elaine Davis
County Commission, District 6, Seat B - Margaret Massey-Cox
County Commission, District 7, Seat A - Faith Tapp

*Note: I looked for websites for Margaret and Faith but didn't find any.  If you know they have a website, please pass on the url, so that I can include them.

I must say that the possibility of being represented by a progressive woman is an exciting thought for me, particularly at a time and in an area where politics as usual, otherwise known as the "good 'ole boys network," has marginalized so many voices and people.  This years local elections are proof that the times, they are a changin'.  And if all these women get elected, the times will be changing for the better.

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GO!! GO!!! GO!!!!!


Amazing how many people don't realize TN is way, way below average when it comes to electing women and even registering them to vote.

Best of luck to you.

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Ivan "the putz" Harmon

CE Petro wrote: "Damn!  Why couldn't we find someone to run against Ivan "God Resolution" Harmon?"

Well ... Colvin Idol isn't female, but he's running against Ivan "loves God and Jesus every election" Harmon!

Take Care, Be Good and don't play in the street!


CE Petro's picture

I'm Not Fogetting

I didn't mean to imply that Colvin wasn't a good choice to run against Ivan "God Resolution" Harmon, I was just commiserating that there wasn't a progressive WOMAN running against Ivan "GR" Harmon.

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Now not to say that her opponent is "progressive," but Massey-Cox is being openly supported by the good-ole-republican-boys of Mike Ragsdale and Dwight Vandevate. Her picture and name is even presently on the county's home page, (link...)

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teach a Republican to fish

That's exactly the kind of progressive we need, one the GOBs might listen to. The Ragsdale crowd is trying to avoid the embarassment of a guy who could give Paul Pinkston competition for fewest brain waves lapping ashore during a commission meeting, but they also see that Margaret is the kind of person who can listen and understand and bridge the party gap.

The Beaver Creek Watershed Association is an accomplished and award-winning environmental organization operating in the heart of conservative Knox County. Even rabid Republicans want their kids to be able to hunt for crayfish and frogs in the neighborhood creek. Margaret was involved in that effort and her campaign manager Roy Arthur played a central role in the organization, which is now looked to as an example for watershed organizations statewide.

In a world without party loyalties to distort people's perceptions, Margaret Massey-Cox would be the kind of person who could win an 80-20 victory. In a world where politics is hardly different from raw fundraising, exterminators and used car salesmen can give decent folks a run for their money.

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Rikki, you obviously do not

Rikki, you obviously do not know Lumpy Lambert. I do, and I can tell you that he is quite bright, as anybody who bothers to find out anything about him before judging him can tell you. He is also running a smart, well-organized campaign. Massey-Cox is a down-the-line Ragsdale loyalist who has the support of the Republican establishment. Lambert's flamboyant opposition to the wheel tax made him some real enemies among the silk stocking crowd, but he's going to win by a bunch. A whole bunch.

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I know Lumpy slightly and I

I know Lumpy slightly and I agree that he's very intelligent.  Plus he's personally a nice guy.  I like him.

I disagree with a lot of his politics, and I really dislike the stunts he likes to pull.  I hope Massey-Cox wins, but I'd bet that Betty's right.

 And nobody can beat Paul Pinkston in the department Rikki mentions.

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You're right. I don't know

You're right. I don't know him. I'll have to apologize if I ever meet him.

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I personally know Margaret

I personally know Margaret Massey Cox and she would be a great addition to County Commission or any other public office she is elected for. No one needs to hold it against her just because as a progressive, gasp, woman she still maintains good relations with and received endorsements by some the local GOB/GOP types. She has been very active in School Board matters for years. She is smart, capable and interested in finding solutions.

Let's not Hornback this (I refer to Brian's nasty tactics against the gentleman who Margaret is seeking to replace because that man, a fellow Republican, has very publicly supported Margaret, who is a Democrat)

Dixie Belle
"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall--thinks of it, ALWAYS"-Gandhi

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