Jul 11 2017
01:12 pm

I just finished reading Heather Duncan's Mercury article about seniors who lost a lot of their monthly subsidy because of Tenn Care paperwork. Lost mail, questions about whether any mail was sent, no online option, no one answers the phone, the "contractor" who is supposed to answer questions isn't helpful. These are folks who pay the rent and buy food with that money. It's not a small hardship!

This is the same state system (or lack of) that caused children to die in DHS custody, unemployment benefits delayed for months, and lack of response to regular requests for information from citizens and journalists to problems, and recruiting for-profit companies to run our prisons and state parks because obviously that's not the state's job! What is their job?

I am furious that the state could find money for road repairs, generous tax breaks for those who don't need them via being born on third base, and corporate giveaways of our tax money that can't be made public knowledge because of "competition." And they can't handle educational testing that is mandatory and figures into the student's grade. TDEC allows polluters leeway that is as wide as the Mississippi. Getting a drivers license is a lengthy and difficult task. And they really don't care about senior citizens, children, the disabled, or otherwise "expendables" who will die because of the lack of health care and hospitals.

My rant for the day.

yellowdog's picture

If you do not really believe in the need for the state,

which is essentially the Republican platform (except, of course, for the role of the state in controlling women's rights to control their own bodies) then you would not make sure the state mechanisms actually work well.

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