Dec 6 2011
03:09 pm

If y'all missed it, "Gingrich 2012 Campaign Gearing UP in TN", Sunday in KNS, well, Stacey and Rep. Tony Shipley from Kingsport practically have THE NEWT in the White House!

And oh, how they both excused away the Gingrich record of hurting and embarrassing 3 wives, and countless "affairs" with other women while pushing President Clinton's impeachment for one incident in a White House closet! "He had personal problems (boy, I'll say!) in the past, but he dealt with them openly and has put them behind him". UH HUH. They even said he was "always upfront and open,and more or less asked forgiveness". Gosh, what a demented version of that truth! Gingrich is now so afraid of what Speaker Pelosi is about to reveal concering his 'ethics hearings' about his lack of integrity and the fact he was forced to pay $300,000 in fines for his actions...why, he is threatening to SUE her!

And of course their candidate never 'apologized' to all who were hurt by his skirt-chasing acts of adultery.However, let the record show he did apologize to the POPE, asked that the POPE annul all his previous acts against women, give him absolution SO His Holiness COULD impress American Catholics into voting for him!

And no, Stacey, The Newt is not running for Best Husband of the Year. That's the good news. And a candidate that wants to repeal our Child Labor Laws so 9-year old children (of poor families) can work as 'janitors in our public schools' to replace our awesome janitors, some in unions (which he also wants to destroy)...well, he will NEVER be Elected President...or even White House janitor.

These two clowns actually believe a man with such a lapse of 'Christian conservative morals' and no integrity or compassion for our poor could be elected President !! HA.

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Newt's right. It's time we

Newt's right. It's time we returned to the days when kids learned the value of a day's work at an early age.

You know, so they'll know what they're missing when they grow up and can't find a job because they've been replaced by a whole new batch of kids who need to learn a lesson.

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Send in the Clowns

Let's not forget the $1.6 million Newt made off of Freddie Mac for "consulting", Newt has a long and sordid history of influence peddling.

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Thanks, guys...I must be on to something!

And I totally left off my list of (The Newt will NOT make it list) the list of his ethical lapses in the 1990s: Being forced to resign from Congress and made to pay $300.000 fines for his arrogant fraud.
Oh, yeah, I see a BIG "Just Say No to Newt" uprising in America.

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