Jul 8 2021
07:10 am
By: Mark Harmon

It appears my little start-up congressional campaign has freaked out Rep. Tim Burchett. He's fundraising from it. Here's part of what Burchett blurted.


It's all boilerplate nonsense. He even alludes to me getting support from Hollywood moguls. That isn't happening, but if you'd like to help, a check would be nice--Mark Harmon for Congress, PO Box 27185, Knoxville TN 37927

mudcop1's picture

Don't delude yourself

I hate Congressman selfie barncoat with the fire of a thousand suns but he ain't worried about you. He's just spewing the usual trumpian lies to raise money. He knows that seat is his for life if he wants it.

jcgrim's picture

Congressional seats for life

Burchett needs to face a challenger in every election cycle. Unlike Duncan, who maybe faced a challenger once in 40 yrs, Burchett doesn’t deserve to skate unopposed for every election cycle. That's called democracy.

These legacy seats in Congress and the Senate are more like how feudal lords held on to their power. At lease Burchett will need to spend his hoards of campaign cash & do legwork on a campaign every 2 years.

Good for you Mark.

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