Oct 9 2020
09:05 am
By: Mark Harmon

Congressman Tim Burchett was a "no show" for last night's League of Women Voters (plus other groups) online debate. Following the group's rules, Burchett's opponent, Democratic nominee Renee Hoyos, was given three minutes to speak and then asked to exit the forum.

The moderator and timekeeper then proceeded with the only other office on the agenda, State Senate District 6. Both candidates did show for that one.

Why is our local congressman ducking debates?

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Why is our local congressman ducking debates?

Why do you think? Tim has quit serving his constituency. His hole card was always integrity and being a straight shooter. He has abdicated that aspect of his service. Hoyos is clearly the better candidate.

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Burchett on KV

I noticed actually being defended a bunch of times on this blog. Didn't think he deserved it. Even I tire of my cynicism but it's usefull

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Why is our local congressman

Why is our local congressman ducking debates?

Because he has an R by his name on the ballot. They think that's all you need in Tennessee.

But, I've noticed D candidates out busting their butts and working harder than I can recall in recent memory. It's like they think they can actually win this time instead of just putting up token opposition.

Hope they're right. We'll soon find out.

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Burchett does not want to

Burchett does not want to answer questions about his lack of support for our veterans and men and women currently serving in our military. After years of giving lip service to being a big supporter of our vets and military, he does not have the guts to criticize a President that calls them losers and sucker's or says that an American hero, John McCain was no hero because he was captured and Trump does not think POW's are heroes. This, not to mention Trump not calling out his buddy Putin for putting bounties on our soldiers.Burchett is a hypocrite and a loser.

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