May 14 2008
11:10 am
By: R. Neal

I have just received word from the Director of Online Communications for the Democratic National Convention Committee that KnoxViews/TennViews has been selected as the official credentialed Tennessee blog for the August 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Part of the deal is that yours truly will be seated alongside the Tennessee delegation on the convention floor ("one of the best seats in the house") to live-blog the greatest political event in recent history.


UPDATE: DNC Chairman Governor Dean Announces Blogs Selected For 2008 Democratic National Convention 'State Blogger Corps'

"Similar to the record-breaking voter turnout our Party has seen during the primary season, the demand for these coveted blogger positions is yet another indicator of the tremendous interest in this historic Convention," said Governor Dean. "The Internet has played a critical role in connecting Americans to elected officials and candidates seeking office. The DemConvention State Blogger Corps will continue to foster this dialogue - in all 50 of our states and our territories too - as we head towards this year's historic election and elect a Democrat to the White House."

Follow the link for the full press release and list of blogs.

UPDATE: Square State, the official Colorado blog, interviews Howard Dean about the State Blogger Corps.

UPDATE: Associated Press

UPDATE: Howard Dean welcomes state bloggers:

Russ's picture

Congratulations, Randy! This

Congratulations, Randy! This is awesome.


SnM's picture

Divine bovine!

That's fantastic Randy! Props to you!

~rumormonger~'s picture

Rock on R.

Rock on R.

Factchecker's picture

In the most capable of hands

Wow! What a catch! Major congrats and good luck. Bring back lots of Obama propaganda (heh!).

Raincrow's picture

Magnificent bastard

Be sure and have a steak and a shot of rye at the Rattlesnake Cafe

fletch's picture


Outstanding! Congratulations. Hope you have time to drive up to Rocky Mountain National Park and do some exploring. It's worth the side trip.

redmondkr's picture

This is wonderful and

This is wonderful and couldn't happen to a more deserving person.

Be sure to train properly so you can rattle that keyboard in a high altitude environment.

Visit us at

The Home

JaHu's picture

Congrats Randy!

Congrats Randy!

WhitesCreek's picture

Yeah, Baby!

I knew you were the Bubba, I mean, Man for the job.

jah's picture



JMG's picture


That's so cool. I can't wait to read your experiences and take on it all.

F-Stop's picture



gonzone's picture


You are de' man!

Can I have your autograph and will you sign it as SKB?

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

Hi Top's picture


Very cool!!! Congrats, Bubba!!

Justin's picture

Awesome! Congrats on the

Awesome! Congrats on the invite.

Brian A.'s picture


Will you also cover any Limbaugh-inspired riots out on the streets?

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

bill young's picture


U b a mile hi with my boyz

Armstrong,Woods,Owen,Davis & Cooper

And my girl


Way 2 go R!!!!

Mello's picture

OH, yes baby!

So very happy to hear this R! Do we need to chip in and buy you a boatload of battery packs or will they live wire ya? Does the Mrs get to go just in case your fingers get a bit tired?

While you are there will you please ask Stephen Colbert to come to Maryville and interview the Blount County mayor? OH please!

Rachel's picture

Congrats! That's way

Congrats! That's way cool.

I second the Stephen Colbert motion. He could get a week's worth of shows out of Cunningham, Knox County govt, and The Rep.

Andy Axel's picture

Woohoo! Bring it down from

Woohoo! Bring it down from the inside!


"It's gettin' so a businessman can't expect no return from a fixed fight. Now, if you can't trust a fix, what can you trust?"

LeftWingCracker's picture


This is EXACTLY as it should be; hell, you're the reason I started blogging in the first place and we wouldn't have a Tennessee liberal blogosphere if you hadn't been out front and leading the way.

Congratulations on a well-deserved credential.

Rob Huddleston's picture

Congratulations, Randy.

Randy -

Quite an achievement, and I'm sure that you will have a memorable time in Colorado.



Bill Lyons's picture

Excellent news

I must add my kudos. It is aways good to see recognition for work well done. You will have a terrific time.

Pam Strickland's picture

Fan-damn-tastic. I think I'm


I think I'm a bit jealous. :)

Pam Strickland

"We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be." ~Kurt Vonnegut

Mark Harmon's picture

In the Veepstakes...

Congrats, Randy. In the veepstakes keep us up to date on the major contenders: Richardson, Sebelius, Harmon, etc ;)

Mark Harmon

WhitesCreek's picture

No fair...

Those are my picks, too. You copied my paper, uh, I mean...Great Minds think alike, Professor!

gonzone's picture

Hold on!

You sure that the "elitist" Obama wants a "university twit" as his running mate? :-)

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

Andy Axel's picture

Commemorating 35 years of

Commemorating 35 years of "Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail," you ought to take a swing out to Aspen and see if you can't find Owl Farm.


"It's gettin' so a businessman can't expect no return from a fixed fight. Now, if you can't trust a fix, what can you trust?"

Treehouse's picture

Good for the South, Bubba

I'm so glad there will be "media" that will tell me what's going on without a bunch of crap. I guess the Democrats have some sense after all. If it's a convention fight, I'm sure you'll be on the winning side. Go Vols!

R. Neal's picture

Thanks to one and all for

Thanks to one and all for the well wishes. I'm still a little gobsmacked that our application was selected. I'll try not to embarrass us!

Mello's picture

Blog Party

I read this in the Dean interview-

The way to do that is to seat people on the floor who are members of the online blogging community, and you'll get to give whatever reflections that you have about what your experience is, and people will presumably get in touch with you and post their own thoughts about what you are saying, so this is a terrific way for us to talk to the American people, and listen to them as well.

Now that sounds like I should fill the house with my Blount County progressive friends and we collectively can ask you questions as you blog. Actually, it sounds like a wonderful idea and the team is ready, swilling and able.

gonzone's picture


I love Howard Dean!
He's really a man of the people and not the corporations.
He would have been an excellent president.
I'm still pissed at the DLC taking him out with that "scream" dirty trick.

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro."
Hunter S. Thompson

Lisa Starbuck's picture

Good show!

Couldn't happen to a nicer blog.

Carole Borges's picture

Too cool Randy!

It's about time someone from Tennessee represented us with the kind of outlook we all treasure here. I'm sure it is an honor to know just how important this blog has become--a well deserved honor that's for sure! I can hardly wait to read your convention coverage.

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