The Brady Campaign against Gun Violence says a number of federal rules were violated in Bush's rush to issue the order allowing guns in national parks.

In related news, there is a nationwide campaign opposing legislation that would allow students to carry guns on college campuses. University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and East Tennessee State University have both signed on to the campaign.

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California is about to

California is about to release 57,000 prisoners and other states feeling the budget crunch are contemplating the same. Who is going to protect us?

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Good for them!

Brady Campaign sues Interior Department over guns in national parks

Good for them!

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Cue the

Be scared, Nobody. Be very very scared.

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How many of those 57,000 are

How many of those 57,000 are non-violent drug offenders, Nobody? I don't know, I'm honestly asking.

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Many, would be my guess

I suspect that they haven't decided who will be among the 57,000. That's just how many they have to let out to meet the court order. I imagine most will be non-violent offenders of one sort and another. With luck they'll let out some of the victims of California's indiscriminate "Three Strikes" law, which counts any felony, even stealing video tapes, as a strike.

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The actual plan...

1. Early parole release (people close to finishing their term)
2. Review re admittance for *minor* parole violations.

California is the only state that paroles 98% of their released inmates (vs. the national average of 40%), which means even if you've served your full prison term, you're still "on parole" and can be readmitted for a minor violation, usually a failed drug test. Apparently, that's one of the major reasons for their overcrowding.

Oh, and the drive towards private for-profit prisons (CCA just invested $250 million in California). Gotta have customers, so apparently somebody lobbied for screwy parole laws. Another failure of the free market system and privatization.

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Not sure that's enough

Given the numbers they are talking about (release 57,000 of not quite 170,000 prisoners), I don't see how they are going to get there with just early release and parole violators.

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