Jan 21 2006
09:29 am

The race is heating up and there are four contenders for Blount County Mayor, 1 Democrat and 3 Republicans. Joe Gallagher is brave, in my opinion. But, then he is not from around here. I have met and worked with Joe. I like the man.,2355,BLNT_18867_4380130,00.html

"Gallagher, the only Democrat in the campaign, said he realized the Republican candidate often wins the office in Blount County. "I recognize it is a long shot. My goal would be to be a lobbyist for the people," he said. "

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"Kerr said his timeline is to first win the May 2 primary. "The practical reality is, you win that election, you almost have to be run over by a truck not to win the general election," he said. Kerr said that, historically, the Republican candidate usually takes office. "


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