Mar 22 2023
11:40 am

I was at Foothills Mall yesterday during a career fair. I've never attended a career fair. What's the deal? There were about 30 booths where employers were there to attract employees, I guess.

I saw KUB, University of Tennessee maintenance, Arconic, Blackberry Farm, NHC (assisted living), LHC, I think (home health contractor), Newell Rubbermaid, and more.

Amazon was there with about 10 people in line. They are theoretically opening a warehouse in Alcoa/Rockford. Haven’t heard anything definitive locally, but the representative said early fall. I asked how they could be hiring after laying off around 27,000 employees in 2023. He said they are different kinds of jobs. They were pretty much handing out business cards with information on how to go online and apply for employment.

Smith & Wesson was there as well. There is a sign at the mall entrance stating no firearms allowed. Heh. They have a new facility going up in Alcoa/Maryville. There were about 200 people in line. Some of them looked like they came straight from working in the fields and a few wore suits. I heard a representative say they were currently looking for manufacturing employees, not administrative. They too were pretty much telling people how to go online and apply.

I've read that it is beneficial to attend career fairs. Hopefully, some of the other employers gave better expectations to those looking for employment. If nothing else, maybe they provided potential pay rates and benefits and that there are real jobs available.

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The Daily Times reports there

The Daily Times reports there were 72 employers and possibly 1,000 people looking for employment.

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