Feb 19 2009
11:15 pm

A very loud BOOM just shook the house here in Maryville, followed by about three or four follow-up booms. We heard the same thing the other morning. I thought it was a sonic boom, but nobody outside our immediate neighborhood heard it. Then we thought it could have been Vulcan Materials doing blasting - but they wouldn't do it this time at night. Now we're thinking it was an earthquake. The ENTIRE neigborhood is out in the street at 11pm wondering what the hell that was. People are driving around from other neighborhoods too. The police and fire trucks are out as well.

Did anybody else hear it? Anybody know what the hell that was?

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I heard some louds booms a

I heard some louds booms a couple nights ago and went outside to investigate. The horizon seemed unusually orange, but cloud cover was very low. I heard noises tonight but did not give them much thought. I suspect Obama is trying to fluoridate our water to turn us Commie.

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I didn't hear anything in

I didn't hear anything in the City of Alcoa. Being asleep might have been the reason.

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From the description it

From the description it sounds like an earthquake. No earthquakes reported on the USGS site, but I don't know how long it usually takes to update...


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Thinking about going to Maryville this morning... is the town still there, or am I heading toward a smoldering crater?

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Like a Bus Hit My House

I'm about 2 miles west of Maryville. The whole house shook, and there was a large boom. My girlfriend thought a bus had hit the house. Went outside and my neighbors were in the street. Some guy about 2 blocks down the road yelled out something about it.

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sonic boom

My whole bedroom shook this morning in Chattanooga with loud boom, I've heard there was a earthquake in Dalton Ga.

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We felt it near MHS

In the neighborhood behind MHS. My whole house shook but only for a brief time, about 2 seconds. I thought it was something in my basement, until I see all the neighbors outside.

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The Mrs. just talked to the

The Mrs. just talked to the Maryville PD. They said every call they have received this AM has been about that boom! They have no idea what it was either, but they are investigating...

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There is a fault

There is a fault on Chilhowee Mountain. About 35 years ago, we had a fairly significant quake resulting from it.

But this sounds like a sonic boom?

P.S. I'm hoping that the GOP head explosion theory winds up the winner!

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Yup, that's the one that

Yup, that's the one that woke me up in Fort Sanders. And it was definitely a "boom."

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The loud boom was the

The loud boom was the stimulus bill kicking in...All is well.

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Could it have been

Could it have been thunder?
Strange that the entire neighborhood was up though.

-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

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Could be, but the pilot

Could be, but the pilot would probably get written up. I believe FAA and military regulations prohibit peacetime supersonic flight over almost all of the U.S. except in places like Area 51.

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P.S. We used to hear them

P.S. We used to hear them all the time when I was a kid back before prohibitions. They'd scare the bejeepers out of you. More recently we heard them all over Central Florida every time the Shuttle landed in Florida. It had a very distinctive double-boom, a quieter one followed almost instantly by a very LARGE boom as I recall.

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Repent Maryville, Repent,

Repent Maryville, Repent, the end is near!

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The rest of the world is safe

Repent Maryville, Repent, the end is near!

The rest of the world is safe, though. Powell, for instance, can continue its wicked, wicked ways.

Voting is like driving. If you want to go backwards, select R. If you want to go forward, select D.

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It was the stock market.

It was the stock market.

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I guarantee that sonic booms

I guarantee that sonic booms happen that never get written up. But if someone were to call certain offices and ask...Well, the truth has a way of coming out. This sounds like a sonic boom, not an earthquake.

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A couple of days ago I heard something that sounded like thunder but the sun was shining. Maybe its was Smart Fix.

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Stephen McLamb has been

Stephen McLamb has been running around Blount County trying to figure it out. He'll have a report (with 911 audio) coming up during our 5:30/6p.m. newscast.

local_yokel's picture

Waited thru the whole WVLT news...

...only to learn that THEY don't know what caused the boom, either! They did say there had been another much like it on Monday.

R. Neal's picture

Daily Times also

Daily Times also stumped:


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There were mysterious explosions on the MC campus and in Louisville.

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I live at Broadway Towers in

I live at Broadway Towers in downtown and I have heard some strange loud sounds too.

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the big boom

I live just south of the gene synder at preston hwy in louisville, ky, it sounds like tanks firing. The whole house shakes with every one. They are really loud boom sounds. Its thursday @ 3:15 or so. I have heard at least 10 of them over about a 15-20 min time period.

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I grew up int the tidewater area and there was a very large boom about 12 years ago. It shook the house so bad all the photos fell of the walls facing one side of the house only. Very strange. It was later reported to be a sonic boom. The Military will fly jets overhead and if they hit the gas too fast at a certain altitude it will really rock the homes for miles. It is not allowed and the pilot could get in a world of trouble. It can cause accidents, broken property etc. Probably the same thing. It has only happened twice in my life while living there that I know of. it is freaky and loud! You would swear the world is coming down on you for that split second. But everyone was talking about it for days saying it was an earthquake or explosion or thunder or experiment at the Naval base or air force base. None were true. Just a sonic Boom.

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pieces of a russian vehicle?

Apparently the same thing happened up in VA over the weekend and it was apparently the breaking apart of a russian space vehicle and was seen and felt from Maryland to North Carolina.


Nobody's picture


i heard a boom about an hour ago around 12:45am in the tidewater hampton roads area.

the lights flickered just before the boom however

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Mysterious Booms - Tesla, Scalar

"Mysterious Booms" are by-products of military Scalar events. Russia is the most advanced country with Tesla, Scalar technology weapon systems application since early 1960s. The old KGB, now the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) controls their systems. Several applications are employed against North America including weather manipulation/control and manufactured earthquakes. There are other applications. Challenger, Columbia and Thresher submarine were Scalar military hits. Ten nations have Scalar weapon systems including Israel and United States. William Cohen, Secretary of Defense, talked (1997) on public record about Scalar weapons. Scalar is more lethal than nuclear. (link...)

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Mysterious Booms - Tesla, Scalar, Military

A series of anomalous high altitude booms occurred off the East coast of the U.S. around the end of the year in 1977-78, though some activity had started as early as July 1977. Flashes associated with some of the booms were observed. On Dec. 27, 1977, President Carter called for a full report. No reason could be found. Later we determined the mysterious booms/explosions represented adjustment of the interference grid that had been established over the U.S. by the crossed Russian Woodpecker beams, and artillery-type high burst registration of scalar EM howitzers. One Woodpecker frequency was 7 mhz. within the amateur band. Numerous other adjustments of the grid and registration of howitzers have occurred over the U.S. creating mysterious booms and flashes of light as in the recent Maryville, Tn. event.

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Answer is closer to home

Russian sonar and Soviet manufactured earthquakes aside, a lot of loud booms around here are explained by the game cannon at Neyland Stadium. If not during a game, then in practice for a game.

adanovi's picture


First of all the original post was in February. Second of all there is NOT a cannon at Neyland Stadium anymore and there hasn't been for nearly 10 years. There are many speculations as to why, some of them humorus, but there are only fireworks and not a cannon.

Tess's picture

Who cares

Who cares when the original post was, besides you? I was responding to the post made on December 6, 2009 by grf703.

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Mysterious Booms

Dear Ones,
Please Google search - Mysterious Booms - and you will discover the phenomenon is occurring all over the United States and world. In my last two postings I explained the cause to you, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear. The total implications of the event is so profound no government or private news service will touch it. Also Google my name:
A.C. Griffith - for audio please click on:

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I'm just sayin', if there

I'm just sayin', if there was ever a better name for a girl band than the Mysterious Booms, I'd like to hear it.

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Big boom last night.

I am sorry to hear that the boom that shook my house last night was because of a house explosion in Whittington Creek.  I thought a tree had fallen on my deck, and I live at least four miles from that neighborhood.

How terrifying and sad for the family involved and for the neighbors!

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How terrifying and sad for

How terrifying and sad for the family involved and for the neighbors!

Agreed. It's quite frightening. If it was a natural gas leak, I'm thinking we need better reminders of the smell and to call no matter if you think it is something else or not.

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Dec 26, 2014 BOOM in downtown (NE) Knoxville

This morning (12/26/14) near 10:30am, my husband, myself went outside immediately upon hearing a loud boom, and a few neighbors followed suit. This is the second boom in the last three months. We heard a even louder boom back in October one late evening. Not sure why these loud booms are not discussed by local television media. Of course, maybe local media mentioned it on another station.

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Report From Seymour

I was visiting with a neighbor in Seymour and we both heard several loud booms. A severe storm was issued, so we assumed it was thunder.

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Loud booms in Maryville are back

Tonight I was on the phone with a friend Who lives all the way across town And I suddenly heard a boom, I pause for a moment And said to my friend I just heard a loud Explosion or something And he replied Yeah me too I heard that As well,So I went To the Internet To see if anyone else had complained of hearing these strange booms, So that's how I found this forum, Has anyone else out there heard those loud booms tonight?

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Tonight Alcoa was playing

Tonight Alcoa was playing football. They set off a loud cannon or something every time they score. We heard it here, maybe that's what you heard?

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Loud Cannon noises sounding off 10min apart Blount County,Al

Last night we heard a series of loud BOOMs,sounding like cannons goin off,it was felt after about #5 extremely loud heard within 20mile radius.

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