Jun 19 2020
01:15 pm

Here's an additional tune for our virtual Front Page Follies. It references a certain undeserving recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Old Man blather
That old man’s blather
He mus’ say sumpin’
But don’t know nuthin’
He jes’ keeps trollin’
He keeps pie-hollin’ along.

He grumbles slurs
Like he is sodden.
His rage is fueled by
That Old Man blather
He just keeps blathering on.

You an’ me we try polite
He don’t care if it ain’t right.
He calls women whores and
He don’t think twice.

Ah gets weary
Of all his lyin’
Ah’m tired of radio,
An’ skeered of Fox News
But Old Man blather
He just keeps blathering on.

bizgrrl's picture

Another good one.

Another good one.

jmcnair's picture


He does have a knack for it.

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