In the midst of our recession, the non-profit organization Knoxville Overground continues to push forward with its grassroots campaign to build resources for triple-bottom line entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals in the greater Knoxville area with the message "passion is recession-proof."

Tomorrow on Wednesday March 25th at 7pm, Knoxville Overground will host a social mixer at 35 Market Square as well as provide tours of the 5,000 sq. ft. facility it hopes to convert into a micro-enterprise development center within the next few months.

Their proposal, modeled off of the top-ranked San Francisco Renaissance Center, entails using the space as a resource where startups in a variety of industries (specifically companies positioned to bring in the majority of their revenue from outside Tennessee) can grow around a community of other startups, self-employed professionals, and organization representatives that specifically serve the startup community.

The last social event hosted by Knoxville Overground was the grand opening of its entrepreneur community center and coworking workspace last month (free for members to use who qualify and pay $49/year) at 1204 Kenesaw in Sequoyah Hills. The event attracted over 101 guests from the startup community, investment firms, and the economic development sector.

For more information, please e-mail

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Looks like a sketchy group to me

And my the looks of some of their so-called sponsors, better watch your wallets. Read the website . . . can you figure out what they are about? Be careful.

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Knoxville Overground welcomes all questions and concerns

Knoxville Overground (KO) is a grassroots and non-profit organization founded by members (not our sponsors) on the idea that when volunteers come together to form a bottom-up organization based on several sociocracy principles, we can build a community support system that a lot of people believe in. This can help empower visionaries at all levels, regardless of the category they fall under, to launch socially responsible and triple-bottom line businesses in technology, cleantech, and a variety of other industries from the ground up successfully.

Many feel as though this direct approach is good for building a stronger and more self-sufficient local economy, it's better for the planet and reducing the ecological footprint of humanity, and it's good for people in our City. Celebrating creativity and innovation is healthy.

While I encourage everyone to speak their mind freely, I respectfully ask anyone with doubts or questions also to approach us in person at the social event tomorrow or by e-mail at We welcome any insights on ways we can continue to improve and better serve the entrepreneurial community of Knoxville while still maintaining our autonomy as a member-governed and volunteer-powered organization.

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