Did you happen to visit Grand Canyon between 2000 and 2018? Did you leave feeling a special glow? That glow might not be just from the awesomeness of the canyon's beauty but from being exposed to upwards of 400 times what's considered a safe level of radiation. For children it was 4000 times the safe dose.

Seems there were three buckets full of uranium ore sitting next to a popular exhibit for nearly two decades in the the collections museum. The buckets have since been removed.

I'm curious how they remained there for 18 years unquestioned?

By the way, The Grand Canyon National Park celebrates its hundredth birthday in just 7 days. 02/26/19

CBS News


Feb 14 2019
03:59 pm

According to the IRS, tax refunds are down 8 percent from the same time last year. But of course the GOP claims it has nothing to do with the tax bill they passed that promised larger refunds for the middle income. The GOP keeps shoveling it out, and the conservative voters keep consuming it and never seem to be bothered by the flies in their teeth.

NPR Article

Feb 11 2019
12:01 pm

I've noticed an ever growing amount of trash along the streets in South Knoxville and the majority appears to be from fast food restaurants. It would be nice to come up with some kind of a solution to stop it, but I keep coming up with mental roadblocks on how to rectify the situation.


The House just voted 357-22 to bar President Trump from exiting NATO. Burchett was one of the 22 who voted against it. All 22 were Republicans.

Dec 23 2017
11:48 am

I was just trying to remember some of Knoxville's nightclubs of the past. I thought it might make a fun discussion. Here are a few that I remembered. There are some I remember but can't recall the names.

Irelands on Cumberland
Uncle Sam's on Alcoa Highway
Yosemite Sam's on Cumberland
End Zone on Cumberland
Flanigan's, Kingston Pike
L&N Hotel, corner of Henley and Western (Spiders)
Last Lap, Cumberland

There was a place on Cumberland just beyond the railroad underpass on the left that I can't recall it's name. It was taken by the '82 Worlds Fair, and seems I recall a club just to the south of Cumberland. I vaguely remember it having a balcony, but I wouldn't swear to it.

Aug 31 2017
06:45 am

According to this Reuters article, Colonial Pipeline is about to shutdown it's pipelines feeding diesel, jet fuel and gasoline to the northeast due to hurricane Harvey causing outages at major supply points. But could this cripple the whole nation?


Jul 11 2016
03:57 am

I purchased a nice but used refrigerator last month from a local company who sells used appliances. I chose to buy used because at the time, financially, purchasing a new one wasn't an option.. I'm not going to mention their name because it appears they did nothing illegal just seems unethical. They have what they call a 90 day in house warranty. This means it has to be brought into their place of business if there is a problem.


We live in one of the most prestigious valleys in the country with nowhere to view it in its entirety. I'm suggesting we need an overlook at the top of the mountain above Rockwood, at the edge of the plateau, just off I-40, so travelers can stop to take photos or just view our beautiful valley that they are entering or just leaving. What better way to promote the beauty of our valley to millions of travelers. It's a shame that one hasn't been built before.

Feb 19 2016
01:32 am

If you live in South Knoxville, I'm sure sometime in your life you've had to navigate the Mt. Olive railroad underpass on Maryville Pike. It's pretty much a one lane underpass but the brave at heart adventurers, sometimes will joust through it passing only inches of each other.


Feb 10 2015
04:24 pm

With internet now available to just about everyone, why do we even need universities? Our government; state or federal, could easily provide a website of free online courses, with tests, that could be self graded... no professors!


Nov 5 2010
12:22 pm

A Radioactive rabbit was trapped on the Hanford nuclear reservation in Washington.

News Article: Radioactive rabbit trapped at nuclear reservation

Photo: Rabbit

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