Oct 30 2006
11:04 am

Schree Pettigrew has been running a great campaign against Stacey Campfield. She has obviously learned from the mistakes republican Drinnen made in the primary. Drinnen didn't talk about Campfield or his record --Schree is.

While I am no fan of all negative, all the time, this is a very affective approach on the part of Pettigrew. Taking Campfield to task on this and other things is part of what will win this race for Pettigrew.

After watching the video, Campfield would have us believe that Eatherly just leased a house from him.

1) The house that Eatherly was registered at was Campfields primary residence in District 18.

2) Either Campfield is telling the truth about the sex offender and he lived outside of the district he was elected to represent or

3) the sex offender lived under the same roof as Campfield.

For those who say that Campfield was just trying to help in a Christian way, Campfield had this to say: "I can't have that. And I kicked him out." ...only when the story was being reported in the media.

Furthermore, why did the two share another address previously? It should also be asked how much Mr. Eatherly helped when campaigning with Campfield during the last election.

Number9's picture

{Hornbackian}Why are you

{Hornbackian}Why are you showing intolerance toward sex offenders?{/Hornbackian}

Check your Mac settings. In Horbackian "intolerance" is spelled intolerence and "offenders" is spelled ofenders. Go into the default settings and change the dictionary from English to Hornbakian and you are set.

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Dang, Nine, you do find an

Dang, Nine, you do find an acorn occasionally.  Good show!

"When you realize that people die so suddenly, you wonder if it's worth buying new underwear." - Norman Clegg, Last of the Summer Wine

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I try. 

I try.


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Stacey's residence

If I remember the story right, Campfield at one time was living outside his district and had to make an effort to get back in it and he briefly stayed with the sex offender in the process of all that. Stacey

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Did the man ever actually

Did the man ever actually become a member of the Negro caucus? First question would be why in the world would he try to join and the second would be if he did get in, would he vote as they try to do?

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