Nov 30 2012
07:35 am

Cargo pants clad Michael Jordan will not be allowed back onto a South Flordia golf course.

Jordan got to the 12th hole before the golf course patrols notified him he was not wearing proper attire. MJ was wearing cargo pants, whereas the golf course requires bermuda shorts. MJ declined to change his attire.

As one commenter put it, Jordan should just buy the golf course and change the dress code requirement to cargo pants.

R. Neal's picture

What's the deal with cargo

What's the deal with cargo pants/shorts? In the recent dustup with the Sig Ep frat boys, insulting someone by saying they wear cargo shorts is apparently a thing. Been meaning to ask about that.

fischbobber's picture

Dress codes

Most golf courses require proper dress. This can vary from course to course, but in general it means hats off in the clubhouse, collared shirts, bermuda shorts or dress slacks (no jeans or cargo pants).

Public courses tend to be less restrictive and more lax on the enforcement of these standards.

Sometimes these rules can be a good thing and sometimes they're a pain in the rear.

R. Neal's picture

Yes, aware of that. My

Yes, aware of that. My question was a bit off topic, and not related to golf.

gonzone's picture

I never knew you were such a

I never knew you were such a fashion maven! Learn this stuff from the wife? :-) Honestly I loved the descriptions, my mind's eye was flashing scenes that were accurately current frat bra.

R. Neal's picture

Heh. Metulj missed his

Heh. Metulj missed his calling as a fashion critic.

fischbobber's picture

Cargo shorts

On that note, I'm with you. I never could figure out the cargo shorts slam either, especially in light of the observation that Sig Eps are notoriously lousy golfers and are likely playing mostly at clubs where cargo shorts would be deemed proper attire. :)

Fabricant's picture

Sure it wasn't the golf bag?

fischbobber's picture

He should have been banned

No collar and cargo pants. Two faux pas.

It's hard to teach junior golfers respect for themselves, the game, the rules, the tradition and the etiquette of golf when the Michael Jordans of the world ignore these things. He needs to shape up or take up another hobby.

And you're right. It's an ugly golf bag.

Rachel's picture

Geez, louise, I think he

Geez, louise, I think he looks perfectly respectable. It's not like he's running around in cutoffs and a wife beater.

Golfers are weird.

bizgrrl's picture

And those look like some very

And those look like some very fine cargo pants. Linen? Silk?

fischbobber's picture

Nice Clothes

If the guy has enough money to afford nice clothes that don't conform to dress code, then he's got enough money to buy clothes that do.

There are plenty of rules around golf that get debated all the time but the constant is this, it's o.k. to debate a rule. It's not o.k. to break it. When one participates in an activity where one is his own referee and the first thing one does is show up in non-conforming clothes, what does that tell his playing partners about the accuracy of the final total on his scorecard?

In Mr. Jordan's case, he tends to play for tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars a round. With that kind of money at stake, would you really want to play against someone who felt they were above the rules?

fischbobber's picture

Weird People

I'd be weird even if it wasn't for golf. :)

Fabricant's picture

But are you not offended by

But are you not offended by the bag? And who needs cargo pants when you have a giant suitcase with you on the course?

fischbobber's picture

"But are you not offended by the bag?"

Nah. It's just ugly.

redmondkr's picture

Clothes make the man,

Clothes make the man, alright!

fischbobber's picture

This guy.

Beware the man that carries a lob wedge and a three wood to his ball at the same time. He could be dangerous. :)

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