Sep 30 2017
06:52 pm

The spread was 8.5 points. Needless to say, Tennessee did not cover. Saw somewhere that this was the worst home loss since 1905. So Butch Jones can add that to his "champions of life" accomplishments.

Butch has done a good job resurrecting the program from out of the dumpster. Grades are up, recruiting is up, players mostly stay out of jail, and he beat Florida once and Georgia a couple of times and got some bowl game wins.

It appears, though, that he has reached his peak. In 2015. Not clear how you you have top 5 and top 10 recruiting classes and can't field a top 25 team.

Snap and clear. Next man up.

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P.S. I've been saying for

P.S. I've been saying for three weeks that Georgia was going to kill us. I didn't think they would kill us, set the body on fire, and piss on the burning remains.

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The problem

When your young quarterback puts balls where your receivers can touch them with their hands, yet cannot catch them, the problem lies with the receivers.

Our problem lies with coaching continuity. Jancek's indiscretions of the penile variety set the defense back three years. Scott's transformation to a real offensive coordinator is a year away. Although we need a stud 1 receiver, and for Jennings to get well at 2, we are now stocked at the three and four level. RB is stocked. O line is stocked. D line is flaky. Talent is there. Unity is a question. Backers are solid. DBs are looking for an identity.

We didn't catch many breaks today, but we're a way better team than we were before Butch got here. And we will be better next year.

Frankly, I don't know where we would go to find a better coach than Butch. We're not the easiest bunch of people to deal with.

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Which "young" quarterback are

Which "young" quarterback are you referring to? Dormady is a junior. He went 5 for 16 for only 64 yards with TWO interceptions. Of his 11 incomplete passes, I'd venture half were well overthrown past an open receiver.

Jones is done. Dormady should be done.

O line is stocked?

We must be watching different games.

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And if we do pull the trigger

And if we do pull the trigger on Butch, don't look for us to hire an Urban Meyer or any other proven coach. We'll hire the next outstanding, up and coming coach who had a really good year at Southwestern Boise State Tech Community College. Wash rinse repeat. I need to start buying fire_____ .org domain names.

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Butch isn't the only UT employee in over their heads

Seems to be a common trait over there, people least suited to some of the roles and responsibilities find themselves in positions they can't perform and important responsibilities they cannot complete well.

Mediocre football team, unfortunately a fairly mediocre university administration, fielded by a mediocre board of trustees who found themselves in that role by supporting an individual for the governor's office along the way. The problems with the university of Tennessee start at the top, amplified by the organizational structure of the university system, coupled with a parallel board of regents system which provide an abundance of duplication and repetitive overlap in a day and age when higher education dollars are extremely scarce and Tennessee's current governor is much more focused on trade schools that academic institutions and the research and development that comes with that.

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Recently heard at a higher-ed

Recently heard at a higher-ed conference: "Save Florida and Vanderbilt, the SEC universities are basically young adult theme parks." Florida got off the hook by striving to become an AAU school a long time ago something that UT will never be able to do. In fairness, I teach at a university that can't join the AAU because it does not have an on-campus medical school (UMASS Medical is in Worcester). It meets every other metric though.

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1 transfer & 1 decommit today:

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