Now we know why Tim Hutchison campaigned tirelessly for this guy. Under other circumstances, it would seem odd for a rep from another county to be carrying water for Knox County's so-called "constitutional" officers. Wouldn't it?


talidapali's picture

Too bad all those ...

outraged commenters over at KNS's website won't remember this when it really counts...the next sheriff's election.

Memories of the voting public are notoriously short.

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

Bbeanster's picture


"Sneak legislation"


Do you reckon 9, :Justice delayed or Elaine have any problem with this?

Anonymously Nine's picture

No problem at all

After what Commission Briggs pulled this is a good idea. Someone needs to protect the people from elites trying to interpret the Charter to overthrow local government.

The Tom McAdams/Richard Briggs power grab was over the top. That is why the State does need to act to protect the Constitutional offices.

Tim and Jamie have played this same game many times before. Faulkner did nothing wrong. Of course the media will call it names. But then the media is in the bag for Metro government.

Why not just punt the Charter? It is more trouble than it is worth. Let's just get it done. Put up two Charter Amendments in 2010. One for Metro Government and one to do away with the Charter. Let the people decide instead of the elites.

JWB's picture

Who do we write to?

Or is it too late?

SnM's picture


Dogged, he is. If at first you get caught, bald-face your way through it:


Bbeanster's picture

The Charter was approved by

The Charter was approved by a vote of the people, Nine. And part of why we voted for it was to insulate us from legislators like Chad Faulkner, whose alleged reasons for inserting himself into Knox and Shelby County government couldn't convince a three year old. Anybody who was paying attention knows that he was Hutchison's personal candidate. It'll be interesting to see how Campfield fares in the libel suit connected to that race. I guess he's your model of a "real" Republican.
Your defending this sleazy tactic by this sleazy little deputy from Union County is what's over the top, even for you. You going to tell me he has a Ph.D? Nah. Consistency's not your forte.
Your Ragsdale Derangement Syndrome seems to be morphing into BDS, and now you've added Woodson to the hit list, so it's looking like a serious case of BWDS.

I think that's more dog than you and your circle of buds can walk.

BtW, A major reason for allowing cops to drive their cruisers home is that the sight of a police car in a neighborhood has a substantial deterrent effect. So should Knox County taxpayers be footing the bill for Deputy Faulkner's round trips to and from Luttrell?
And why can't we hire cops who actually live in Knox County?

Rachel's picture

"mine and 73 percent of the

"mine and 73 percent of the people who voted". Umm, Deputy Faulkner, they did NOT vote to have the opportunity to amend the charter taken away from them. They rejected an amendment.

And nine, I agree with Bean. So you're now adding Burchett and Woodson to your hate list? (You really want to take on Woodson? Got any idea how popular she is?) Pretty soon there's not gonna be anybody left in Knox County you like except Paul Pinkston, Tim Hutchison, and of course, yourself.

Anonymously Nine's picture

Good grief...

Bean, grow up.


You are crying politics at this? Everyone does this. Everyone.

You and Sandra have protect Tim and Jamie for years. They pull they same stuff all the time. Remember when Timmah in the well, aka little Timmah, put a bill up that would require the Knox County Mayor have a college degree? He did it the same way. You weren't on the fainting couch then.

When confronted on the local radio little Timmah said he did it to "control" the bill so it wouldn't be passed. He quickly ditched the bill after being outed. Props for the person who called him on it.

I know it is tough to pick a side to be on. But the Northshore 12 have screwed up everything they have touched. Not to quote Milton, but sometimes you have to chose a less than perfect side. The Northshore 12 are hurting this county. You stick with them if you have to. Call Faulkner a sinner if you have to. But those with long memories see the big picture.

It doesn't matter how Faulkner proceeded or where he is from. Bean,you protected Sun Tze follower Tyler Harber, now you have to sit on the fainting couch over this little dust up?

What is this? Now we are going to outlaw politics? You all need to grow up. This is just the beginning. Briggs and McAdams upped the ante. They stepped on it. 2010 will be a bare knuckle fight.

We may not even have a daily paper in 2010. The KNS is rumored to go to three days a week in print. They may even change the name to the Knoxville Tri-Weakly. Which would be so very appropriate.

Bbeanster's picture

Nine, are you off your

Nine, are you off your meds?
Your verbal skills have been sucked down the memory hole with your grasp on reality. I'm the one who broke the damn story about Tyler's troubles at the Copper Cellar, and I'm the one he attempted to blame for the Cas Walker site.
I didn't notice you bawling when he gave me the 411 on his activities with Ragsdale.
And you've got the wrong Tim when you talk about the Shopper, which has supported Hutchison for years and years.

Rachel's picture

I know I'm going to be sorry

I know I'm going to be sorry I asked, but what in the hell is the Northshore 12?

GDrinnen2's picture

Northshore 12 is a new one

Northshore 12 is a new one on me . . .

btwill's picture

Don't acknowledge! Deny!

Don't acknowledge! Deny! Obfusciate! No one will know. Man this is the biggest laugh since Barnum & Bailey left town, ha ha ha. And who wrote the checks that covered your payroll in the charter debacle? One of those same guys that is trying to convince the voters of Farragut that he didn't really want Farragut split up in the redistricting (that he so vigorusly supported)? In politics Dick needs to learn about unintended consequences or was this another matter for the common man approach!

talidapali's picture

Whew...I'm on pain meds from my cancer surgery...

But trying to read The Digit's posts makes me feel like they may be psychedelics as well...

Maybe I should save reading this thread until I am in full control of my faculties...

Things are getting all loopy...or is it just The Digit?

"You can't fix stupid..." ~ Ron White"
"I never said I wasn't a brat..." ~ Talidapali

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