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I went six months to a year

I went six months to a year in the late seventies/ early eighties where I didn't drive to work, in Knoxville. I actually enjoyed it. But, I lived on the bus line in Island Home/South Knoxville. It was easy. Haven't lived in a place with easily accessible public transit since then.

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For trips to schools less than one mile

away from homes there would be a lot less waiting and delay in beginning and end-of-school-day traffic jams all over Knox county. Kids who live within a mile or less have to get there on their own cause they can't ride the bus due to the parental responsibility zone. Having walk and bike lanes with volunteers at major crossings would be a step/pedal in the right direction. My bet is that weigels and others located at intersections with an after school bike train rolling through after school would sling some serious icees etc once it warms up in the spring...

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It seems like a circular

It seems like a circular automobile street design for a city with walking/biking/small electric? 10 mph and under (and emergency vehicles) for direct routes might be a good design as opposed to typical grid design. With parking all on outer edges of circle.

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