Mar 6 2020
10:03 am

Report from WATE,

Jeremy Smith, Director of the Center for Molecular Biophysics, a partnership between the University of Tennessee and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Micholas D. Smith, a post-doctoral fellow and soon-to-be UTK research professor, began digital calculations to find a chemical, or drug, that might work against the coronavirus.

The two researchers have discovered a chemical compound, which will be further tested soon, that could stop the virus and prevent it from spreading further.

They say their work is made possible by the “world’s most powerful computer,” or the Summit, at ORNL.

Sooner better than later would be good.

fischbobber's picture

I'm afraid

This one will be with us a while. The key to stopping pandemics is preparation and early intervention. Our Representatives, Burchett, Alexander, and Blackburn have needlessly held this funding bill for almost two weeks playing politics. Pelosi had this ready to pass a week and a half ago and the republicans stalled, playing politics, for the last twelve days.

Trump decimated our prevention and early intervention capabilities. It's 1916 heading to 1918 all over again.

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NPR take


Should this crisis turn out to be horribly mismanaged , Burchett , Alexander, and Blackburn must shoulder the blame. They are not the enablers, they are the ones responsible for the foothold coronavirus has in the United States.

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