Mar 15 2019
08:24 am
By: R. Neal

Trump says the police, military and bikers have his back and it could get "very bad."

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If Obama or Clinton or even

If Obama or Clinton or even Bush would have used the dictator type of rhetoric Trump uses there would have been so much outrage by the media and the public that they would have been removed from office. We have a mentally ill maniac as President and it is very scary to think about what he is doing with all of his power. He definitely has the power and means to rig his own election again and to also rig the Congressional elections and add lots of right wing white extremists (and supremacists) that will support his agenda. Imagine the things that could happen if we had a real national emergency. Trump could use an emergency situation as a excuse to invoke some kind of martial law across the country or call for drastic emergency powers just as Hitler and other dictators did to obtain total power of their governments. Trump has already done irrefutable damage to our country. Lets hope we are are rid of him before we have a real emergency and it is too late. Trump's talk about the military, the police, biker supporters, etc. has a purpose. I sure hope his plan does not come together.

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Trump is a draft dodger that

Trump is a draft dodger that has said he does not like American POW's. The comments he made about John McCain today and over the weekend shows that he is a disrespectful jerk that does not deserve the respect of the military, police, veterans, or anybody. Our Congressman Tim Burchett has been an outspoken supporter of American veterans. I hope Burchett has enough guts to speak out and condemn Trump for his disgraceful comments about an American military hero. It is a shame Republicans are so terrified of Trump's punishment that even when he trashes one of their own dear friends, they do not have the character to speak out. I know if they were attacked in that manner their friend John McCain would defend them to the end.

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I hope Burchett has enough

I hope Burchett has enough guts to speak out and condemn Trump for his disgraceful comments about an American military hero.

Don't hold your breath. Burchett has so far toed the Trump line. Hope I'm wrong.

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Nope, I am sure you are

Nope, I am sure you are right. Like most of his Republican cronies, Burchett does not have the character and courage to speak out against Trump's trashing an American hero that served his country honorably in the military and in Congress. McCain was an honorable and decent man that we all can respect. Trump is dishonest and immoral man that has never earned the respect of anybody.

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